Faculty Recruitment (Regular-Standing Advertisement) in IIT Mandi, HP, India

Faculty Recruitment (Reglar-Standing Advertisement) in IIT Mandi, HP, India

Designation/Position- Faculty Recruitment

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi, India invites application for Faculty Recruitment from eligible and interested candidates 

About-  IIT Mandi is the first IIT in the Himalayas. IIT Mandi’s 530-acre campus is located on the banks of River Uhl, a tributary of the River Beas, 18 km away from the historic town of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by forested hills far from the hustle and bustle of cities and highways, this scenic campus provides an excellent environment for the highest quality academic pursuits – research, teaching, and learning. Assistant Professor Position – 2021

Research/Job Area- 

School of Basic Sciences (SBS)

The members of the School are involved in research and teaching mainly in the areas of Natural Sciences and Mathematics; the major areas of expertise include:

Systems biology, Bioinformatics, and Next Generation Sequencing Applications, Metabolic Systems biology, Molecular Endocrinology and Metabolism, Immunology/Microbiology, Nanobiotechnology, Ageing, Metabolic diseases, extracellular matrix, Proteomics, Proteostasis, Aging, Stress Response and C.elegans, and Genetics and Molecular Neuroscience.

Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Nanoparticles, Nanomaterials, Quantum dots, Organic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Nanoelectronics, Renewable energy.

Applied condensed matter physics. Low-temperature physics, Ultrafast spectroscopy, Magnetic materials, Quantum optics and atomic and molecular physics, Soft matter.

Abstract differential equations,  Computational fluid dynamics,  Control theory, Mathematical modelling, Operator theory,  Optimisation,  Time series analysis,  Wavelet analysis.

The SBS runs vibrant Ph.D. programs in all the areas listed above. SBS also offers an integrated Ph.D. program in Physics. In addition, the School offers the following master’s programs: Master of Technology in  Biotechnology and  Master of  Science programs in Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, and Physics.

  • School of Computing and  Electrical Engineering (SCEE)

The SCEE encompasses the disciplines of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. The members of the School are involved in research and teaching mainly in the areas of communication engineering, distributed systems,  electric drives, power systems, human-computer interaction,  big data analytics,  cognitive science, controls,  machine learning, nanoelectronics,  power electronics, signal processing, IoT, biomedical systems,  and  VLSI design.

Currently, the School offers the B.Tech., M.Tech., M.S. by research and Ph.D. programs. The B.Tech. program is offered in  Computer   Science & Engineering and  Electrical Engineering. The M.Tech. program is offered in Communication & Signal Processing (CSP), Power Electronics & Drives (PED), and VLSI.

  • School of Engineering (SE)

The members of the School are involved in research and teaching mainly in the areas of advance materials,  bio­mechanics, computational mechanics,  composite design & manufacturing, earthquake & geotechnical engineering, environment & water resource management, energy engineering, geohazard, structural safety against natural & man­made hazards, structural health monitoring, smart structure & system & thermo­fluids.

Currently, the School offers B.Tech., M.Tech.,  M.S.  by research and  Ph.D. programs. B.Tech. program is offered in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.  M.Tech. program  is   offered  in

Mechanical Engineering with Specializations in Energy Systems (MES), Energy Engineering with Specializations in  Materials  (EEM), and Structural Engineering.

  • School of Humanities and  Social Sciences (SHSS)

The SHSS encompasses the disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences. The members of the School are involved in teaching and research mainly in Literature, History, Finance, Management, Sociology, Energy, Environmental & Developmental  Economics,  German Studies, Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Psychology. Currently, the School offers Ph.D. programs and M.A in Development Studies.

IIT  Mandi strongly encourages its faculty to collaborate and address significant interdisciplinary problems, especially with real­world applications.  Collaboration could be within the Institute, with other institutions and industry. The Institute actively encourages research in the thrust areas below (however, not limited to):

  • AMRC: Advanced Materials Research Centre (AMRC) is a multidisciplinary hub with a vision to promote excellence in advanced materials science and technology via cross disciplinary collaboration with internal and external users of the center. AMRC  represents  materials focused research in the areas  of  energy, environment, electronics, magnetism,  organic displays,  solar cells, drug  delivery, nanotechnology etc. with participation of faculty  members from physics, chemistry, biology and engineering disciplines. The Centre houses over 30 crores worth of instruments to support various research and development activities.
  • BioX Centre: The broad vision of this Centre is to perform cutting edge research in the focus areas of Systems and Synthetic Biology with applications in Health care, Agriculture, and Environment. The Centre envisions to push the frontiers of technology development and engineering toward advancements in disease prevention & affordable health care, agricultural practices with respect to the Himalayan region & Himalayan Biodiversity, and exploration for biotechnological applications by bridging the gap between life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering.
  • C4DFED: The Centre for Design & Fabrication of Electronic Devices (C4DFED) is a unique institute facility for multidisciplinary research of electronic device design and fabrication. The Centre has Class 100, Class 1000 & Class 10000 laboratories where high end sophisticated electronic device fabrication and characterization tools are housed. This Centre is capable of handling research projects like integrated circuits (IC’s) design and fabrication for Nanoelectronics, Nano­Micro  (NEMS & MEMS) systems  and  also  development of   Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) resists materials for the Next Generation Semiconductor industry down to 10 nm technology node.

Also, with its location in the Himalayas, IIT Mandi provides unique opportunities for research on socially­relevant technologies for the Himalayan region.

Location- Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi



Applicants for Assistant Professor will be considered for either Grade­I or Grade­II or both depending on the eligibility and suitability.

Essential Qualifications:

Ph.D. in a relevant area with first class or equivalent at the preceding degree in appropriate branch/discipline with consistently good academic record throughout.

Definition of “First Class” for the purpose of faculty selection:

IIT Mandi takes first-class for faculty selection to mean 60% of the range of grade­points or marks. However, for those institutes which award first-class, the minimum of 60% or the percentage of marks or grades at which the institute awards first class is taken as the criterion for first class. Nevertheless, the criterion for first-class shall not be lower than 58% in any case.


Assistant Professor Grade­I (earlier Assistant Professor): At least 3 years relevant industrial/research/teaching experience excluding, however, the experience gained while pursuing Ph.D.

Assistant Professor  Grade­II (earlier Assistant  Professor on  Contract): Candidates not eligible for Assistant  Professor  Grade I may be considered for the tenure track for the regular post of  Assistant Professor Grade­I. They may move to Assistant Professor Grade­I after fulfilling the eligibility requirements of Grade I and based on their performance evaluation.

Age: Should preferably be below 35 years of age.

Associate Professor: A minimum of 6  years teaching/research/professional experience of which at least three years should be at the level of Assistant  Professor in an academic institution or Senior Scientific Officer/  Senior Design Engineer or equivalent position in a research organization or industry as on the date of application. The candidate should have demonstrated adequate experience of independent research in terms of guidance of M. Tech. and Ph.D. students, strong record of publications in journals of high impact factor, patents, laboratory/course development and/or other recognized relevant professional activities. Candidates who do not fulfill such minimum experience requirements may be offered an appointment at the Assistant Professor Grade­I or Assistant Professor Grade­II level, depending upon the academic credentials.

Professor: A minimum of 10 years teaching/research / industrial experience of which at least 4 years should be at the level of  Associate  Professor in IITs, IISc  Bangalore, IIMs, NITIE  Mumbai and IISERs or at an equivalent level in any such other Indian or foreign Institution(s) of comparable standards. The candidate should have demonstrated adequate experience of independent research in terms of guidance of Ph.D. students, strong research record, including publications in highly reputed peer-reviewed journals, patents, laboratory/course development, sponsored research projects and/or other recognized relevant professional activities.

Higher qualifications and experience may be used in each area based on need. In view of the inter­disciplinary nature of IIT Mandi, although posts may be advertised against one School, the selected candidate may be offered the same post in another school if the Selection Committee finds this to be more suitable.

Job/Position Description- 

  • IIT Mandi invites applications for Faculty positions in all disciplines.
  • Candidates who work in interdisciplinary areas are especially encouraged to apply.
  • IIT Mandi is looking for applicants with a passion for teaching, should be exceptionally motivated, and should have an established record of high­quality research.
  • Successful candidates will be expected to teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses, conduct independent research in their fields of expertise, and contribute to Institute services & building.

How to Apply- 

Please see the webpage https://iitmandi.ac.in/administration/recruitment.php for the list of openings that are currently being advertised and for additional information on current openings. The Institute may consider exceptional candidates even if areas of specialization lie outside those being advertised. Candidates fulfilling the eligibility criteria must apply online at https://www.iitmandi.ac.in/oaf_standing Instructions for Completing the Online Application Form:

Instructions for Completing the Online Application Form:

  • Indicate the Thrust Area(s) and other research areas in which you have experience.
  • Write a short statement of purpose, in the box provided, that explains your plans with reference to IIT Mandi’s vision and goals. Please visit the IIT Mandi website www.iitmandi.ac.in before you do this.
  • Please enclose a detailed Academic Profile including the following information:
    • Details of  publications/conference papers presented in chronological order, listing:
      • Names of authors, title of the paper, name of the journal/conference, volume/proceeding, pages (from­to) year, etc. (Group the above separately as Refereed National Journals, Refereed International Journals, Non­ refereed Journals, presented at National Conferences, presented at International Conferences etc.) Ø Awards, Patents, Prizes etc. indicating:
      • Nature, name of prize/award, awarded by, awarded for and year of award
      • Name of the Patent, year and details about the patent, etc.
    • Research guidance (Ph.D. /M.S./M.Tech. only those already awarded) listing:
      • Research degree, name of the scholar, title of thesis, year of award, co­guide (if any) etc.
    • Role in and details of research/consultancy projects carried out, listing:
      • Title of the project, duration, sponsor, value, co­investigators, if any, etc.
    • Other Activities like:
      • Textbooks and Monographs written, with details.
      • Continuing education programs/conferences organized (as on organizer or co­organizer) etc.
  • Any other relevant but brief information on your academic standing.
  • Enclose reprints of three best papers published.
  • Please provide the names and contact  information of the referees whom  we can contact  for the letter  of  reference.  We will contact your referees and request them to send the letters of reference.

Last Date for Apply–  Rolling

Rolling Recruitment Process: Applications are accepted throughout the year. Candidates may apply at any time. Based on the needs of the Institute in a particular area, from time to time shortlisting and interviews will be conducted among the available applicants in that area.

See details- 

Official Website-

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