Various Research Positions – 25 November: Researchersjob – Update

Researchersjob Update

Various Research Labs/Organizations invite applications – 25 November: Researchersjob – Update from eligible and interested candidates.

PositionInstitution/LocationResearch/Job AreaLast Date to Apply
Postdoc (SS)Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USAHumanities disciplines16 January 2024
PhDEuropeImmunology, genetics, epigenetics, proteomics, bioinformatics3 December 2023
Postdoc AbroadInstitut Curie Paris, FranceBioinformatics or related areasReviewed as received
PhDUniversity of Exeter, UKEngineering and physical sciences19 February 2024
Postdoc AbroadICFO, SpainElectrochemistry, materials science, chemical engineeringUntil positions are filled
Postdoc (SS)GermanyEconomics, industrial engineering, business mathematics16 December 2023
PhDUniversity of Guelph, CanadaEcology in Climate and Plant DiseaseRolling
Postdoc AbroadCBSGI, UKCardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases5 December 2023
PhDUniversity of Edinburgh, UKBiochemistry, Biomedical Science, Genetics, Mathematics, Physics04 December 2023
Postdoc AbroadCSIRO, AustraliaMolecular Biology, Microbiology, Metabolic Engineering7 December 2023
PhDUK Manchester InstituteCancer biology, immunology, and therapy8 December 2023
Postdoc AbroadSpainElectrical engineering, physics, chemistry, computer sciencesUntil positions are filled
Postdoc AbroadCSIRO, AustraliaAgricultural or environmental science8 January 2024
PhDLMU University of Munich, GermanyStructural biochemistry and drug designUntil position is filled
Postdoc AbroadNiels Bohr institutet, DenmarkPhysics, biogeochemistry, glaciology, engineering fields1 December 2023
PhDUniversity of Bristol, UKBiochemistry or related fields26 January 2024
Postdoc IndiaIIT Kanpur, IndiaMechanical, Biotechnology, Lifesciences, Computer Sciences05 December 2023
JobCSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata, WB, IndiaMaterials Science and Engineering04 December 2023
PhDMax Delbrück Center, GermanyMolecular or cell biology03 January 2024
FacultyBIT Meshra, Ranchi, IndiaVarious30 November 2023
PhDUniversity of Copenhagen, DenmarkBiology, ecology, microbiology, chemistry03 January 2024
Postdoc IndiaIIT Kanpur, IndiaBiotechnology, Bioscience, Life Science05 December 2023
Postdoc AbroadSpainBlood Cancers31 January 2023
PhDHeriot-Watt University, UKPhysics and related fieldsUntil position is filled
PhDCINC-CSIC, Madrid, SpainPsychology, computer science, biomedical engineering15 December 2023
Postdoc AbroadSpainSynthetic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, cell biology22 December 2023
Postdoc AbroadNUS, SingaporeBioinformatics, Biostatistics, Computer ScienceUntil position is filled
PhDAalto University, FinlandPhysics or a closely related field31 December 2023
Postdoc AbroadJülich, GermanyPhysics, physical chemistry, chemical engineeringUntil position is filled
Postdoc (SS)University of Potsdam, GermanyIn a relevant social science field17 December 2023
PhDGhent University, BelgiumBiochemistry, Biotechnology, Biology02 January 2024
Postdoc AbroadLuxembourg UniversityTelecommunication Engineering, Electrical EngineeringUntil position is filled
Postdoc AbroadUniversitat de Barcelona, SpainEnvironmental Sciences, Ecology, Geosciences27 November 2023
PhDUniversity of Birmingham, UKMolecular Biology, Plant Sciences04 January 2024
Postdoc AbroadETH Zurich, SwitzerlandComputational Genomics, Animal Genomics, Computational BiologyUntil position is filled
PhDUniversity of Vienna, AustriaMetal-based Anticancer Drug Development15 December 2023
Postdoc IndiaICT- Institute of Chemical Technology, MumbaiBiotechnology30 November 2023
Postdoc AbroadUniversity of Birmingham, UKChemistry, material science, physics, engineering08 December 2023
Postdoc AbroadUppsala University, SwedenNatural or technical sciences18 December 2023
PhDIDAEA-CSIC, SpainElectrophysiology, molecular analysis, structural biology17 December 2023
Postdoc AbroadNoord-Holland, NetherlandsBiology, ecology, environmental science, conservation03 January 2024

Postdoc (SS)

PostDoctoral Fellow at Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA

Research/Job Area- Humanities disciplines
Last Date– 16 January 2024


12 Full-Time IMMERGE Doctoral Positions in Europe

Research/Job Area- Immunology, genetics, epigenetics, proteomics, single cell omics, bioinformatics, and gene correction
Last Date– 3 December 2023

Postdoc Abroad

Postdoctoral Position – Institut Curie Paris, France

Research/Job Area- Bioinformatics or related areas
Last Date– Reviewed as received.


EPSRC Funded PhD Studentships, University of Exeter, UK

Research/Job Area- Engineering and physical sciences
Last Date– 19 February 2024

Postdoc Abroad

Post-doctoral position in carbon and nitrogen-based co-electrolysis, ICFO, Spain

Research/Job Area- Electrochemistry, materials science, chemical engineering or chemistry
Last Date– Until positions are filled

Postdoc (SS)

Two Academic Research Assistant Positions (PhD or Postdoc), Germany

Research/Job Area- Economics, industrial engineering, business mathematics, business informatics, or business administration
Last Date– 16 December 2023


Opportunities in Ecology and Conservation at the University of Guelph, Canada

Research/Job Area- Ecology in Climate and Plant Disease
Last Date– Rolling

Postdoc Abroad

Research Associate / Research Assistant – Biomedical Data Science, CBSGI, UK

Research/Job Area- Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases
Last Date– 5 December 2023


Wellcome Four Year PhD Programme, University of Edinburgh, UK

Research/Job Area- Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Computational Data Sciences, Engineering, Genetics, Mathematics, Molecular Biology, and Physics

Last Date– 04 December 2023

Postdoc Abroad

CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellowship in Microbial Consortia Engineering (two roles), Australia

Research/Job Area- Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Protein Chemistry, Metabolic Engineering, Synthetic/Engineering Biology

Last Date– 7 December 2023


CRUK 4 Year PhD Studentships 2024, UK Manchester Institute

Research/Job Area- Cancer biology, immunology, and therapy

Last Date– 8 December 2023

Postdoc Abroad

Post-doctoral position in hybrid materials for novel green computing technologies in…

Research/Job Area- Electrical engineering, physics -with a focus in solid state-, physical chemistry, photo/electrochemistry, computer sciences, nanostructured materials or (opto)electronic devices

Last Date– Until positions are filled

Postdoc Abroad

CSIRO Winanga-y Postdoctoral Fellowship, CSIRO, Australia

Research/Job Area – Agricultural or environmental science or related discipline,

Last Date to Apply – 8 January 2024


PhD Positions in Structural Biochemistry, LMU University of Munich, Germany

Research/Job Area – Structural biochemistry and drug design

Last Date to Apply – Until the position is filled

Postdoc Abroad

Postdoc in Ice Core/Paleoclimate Science, Niels Bohr institutet, Denmark

Research/Job Area – Physics, biogeochemistry, glaciology, or relevant engineering fields.

Last Date to Apply – 1 December 2023


Fully-Funded 3.5 Year PhD Opportunity: University of Bristol, UK

Research/Job Area – Biochemistry or related fields 

Last Date to Apply – 26 January 2024

Postdoc India

Program Technical Assistant Position at IIT Kanpur, India

Research/Job Area – Mechanical, Biotechnology, Lifesciences, Electronics, Electrical, Biomedical instrumentation, Computer Sciences, Industrial Design

Last Date to Apply – 05 December 2023


Research Assosiate Position in CSIR-CGCRI, Kolkata, WB, India

Research/Job Area – Materials Science and Engineering / Materials Science and Technology / Metallurgical and Materials Engineering / Materials Science / Glass and Ceramic Engineering / Functional Materials and Nanotechnology / Material Engineering / Chemical Engineering / Environmental Engineering

Last Date to Apply – 04 December 2023


PhD Student – RNA Biology, Max Delbrück Center, Germany

Research/Job Area – Molecular or cell biology

Last Date to Apply – 03 January 2024


Regular Assistant Professor Position in BIT Meshra, Ranchi, India

Research/Job Area- Various

Last Date– 30 November 2023


PhD Fellowship in Organic Compound Exchange, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Research/Job Area- Biology, ecology, microbiology, geosciences, chemistry, or related fields

Last Date– 03 January 2024

Postdoc India

Senior Program Manager Position at IIT Kanpur, India

Research/Job Area- Biotechnology/ Bioscience/ Life Science

Last Date– 05 December 2023

Postdoc Abroad

Carreras Leaders Postdoctoral Program, Spain

Research/Job Area – Blood Cancers

Last Date to Apply – 31 January 2023


PhD Opportunity: 2D Materials, Heriot-Watt University, UK

Research/Job Area – Physics, and related fields

Last Date to Apply – Until position filled


PhD Position in CINC-CSIC, Madrid, Spain

Research/Job Area – psychology, computer science, or biomedical engineering

Last Date to Apply – 15 December 2023

Postdoc Abroad

PostDoc – Iron catalysts in lysosomes (InFeSomas), Spain

Research/Job Area – Synthetic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, homogeneous catalysis, or cell biology

Last Date to Apply – 22 December 2023

Postdoc Abroad

Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow, NUS, Singapore

Research/Job Area – Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, or Computer Science.

Last Date to Apply – Until the position is filled


Doctoral Researcher (PhD Student), Aalto University, Finland

Research/Job Area – Physics or a closely related field.

Last Date to Apply – 31 December 2023

Postdoc Abroad

Postdoc in Electrochemical Energy Converters, Jülich, Germany

Research/Job Area – Physics (polymers, soft matter, statistical physics), physical chemistry, chemical engineering, or related field

Last Date to Apply – Until the position is filled

Postdoc (SS)

Three-year Postdoc in Politics, University of Potsdam, Germany

Research/Job Area- In a relevant social science field
Last Date– 17 December 2023


Assistant in Plant Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Department -Ghent University, Begium

Research/Job Area – Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Biology, or Bioscience Engineering or equivalent.

Last Date to Apply – 02 January 2024

Postdoc Abroad

Research Associate (Postdoc) in Antenna Design – Luxembourg University

Research/Job Area – Telecommunication Engineering or Electrical Engineering

Last Date to Apply – Until the position is filled

Postdoc Abroad

Postdoctoral Position in Carbon Cycling, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

Research/Job Area – Environmental Sciences, Ecology, Geosciences, or related fields.

Last Date to Apply – 27 November 2023


PhD Studentship – Plant Mobile Signals, University of Birmingham, UK

Research/Job Area – Molecular Biology, Plant Sciences, or related fields

Last Date to Apply – 04 January 2024

Postdoc Abroad

Postdoctoral Position in Computational Genomics, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Research/Job Area – Computational Genomics, Animal Genomics, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, or Statistical Genomics.

Last Date to Apply – Until the position is filled


PhD Position in Anticancer Drug, University of Vienna, Austria

Research/Job Area – Metal-based Anticancer Drug Development

Last Date to Apply – 15 December 2023

Postdoc India

Research Associate Positions at ICT- Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

Research/Job Area – Biotechnology

Last Date to Apply – 30 November 2023

Postdoc Abroad

Research Fellow at University of Birmingham, UK

Research/Job Area – Chemistry, material science, physics, or engineering.

Last Date to Apply – 08 December 2023

Postdoc Abroad

Four Postdoctoral Positions – Uppsala University, Sweden

Research/Job Area – Natural or technical sciences.

Last Date to Apply – 18 December 2023


PhD Position – Contaminants of Emerging Concern, IDAEA-CSIC, Spain

Research/Job Area – Electrophysiology, molecular analysis, structural biology, or medicinal 

Last Date to Apply – 17 December 2023

Postdoc Abroad

Postdoctoral Position: Biodiversity, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Research/Job Area – Biology, ecology, environmental science, numerical ecology, biogeography, macroecology, conservation, or related discipline.

Last Date to Apply – 03 January 2024


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