MSCA PhD Student in Biochemistry, Uppsala University, Sweden

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MSCA PhD Student in Biochemistry: The Department of Chemistry at the Biomedical Centre (BMC) at Uppsala University is inviting applications for a PhD position in Biochemistry, funded by the Marie Skłodowska Curie Action (MSCA) from the EU. This opportunity is part of the SPIDoc’s network, aimed at advancing virus-related structural biology. The research will focus on using native mass spectrometry and other advanced techniques to study viral particles in the gas phase.

Summary Table

DesignationMSCA PhD Student in Biochemistry
Research AreaVirus-related structural biology, Biochemistry
LocationDepartment of Chemistry – BMC, Uppsala University, Sweden
Eligibility/QualificationMaster’s degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry, proficiency in English, MSCA mobility requirements
Job DescriptionResearch in structural biology, participation in the SPIDoc’s network, potential teaching duties
How to ApplySubmit application through Uppsala University’s recruitment system
Last Date to ApplyJuly 26, 2024


MSCA PhD Student in Biochemistry

Research Area

The research area focuses on virus-related structural biology using native mass spectrometry, ion mobility, X-ray free electron lasers, and molecular dynamics simulations to study viral particles in the gas phase.


The position is based at the Department of Chemistry – BMC, Uppsala University, Sweden. The department offers a collaborative and international environment with access to advanced infrastructure for both experimental and theoretical studies.


  • Basic Education Requirement: A higher education degree equivalent to at least 240 ECTS credits, including at least 60 ECTS credits at the Master’s level, and an independent project worth at least 15 credits.
  • Subject Specific Requirement: Courses in biochemistry or related fields totaling at least 120 higher education credits, including 90 credits in chemistry and 45 credits in biochemistry with a project component.
  • Language Proficiency: Very good English proficiency in both speech and writing.
  • Additional Requirements: MSCA mobility rule compliance (not have studied or worked in Sweden for more than 12 months in the past 36 months), and preferred knowledge in programming or computational chemistry methods.

Job Description

  • Main Duties: Engage in research studies and participate in relevant projects and third cycle courses.
  • Teaching and Departmental Duties: Up to 20% of full-time may involve teaching or other departmental duties.
  • Research Focus: Manipulating proteins using strong electric fields for imaging experiments and studying virus protein structures and interactions.
  • Collaborations: Active participation in the SPIDoc’s network with opportunities for experimental and theoretical work at partner institutions.

How to Apply

Submit your application through the Uppsala University recruitment system by July 26, 2024. Ensure that your application includes all required documents and follows the guidelines provided on the university’s recruitment page.

Last Date to Apply

July 26, 2024

For further information about the position, contact Erik Marklund at +46(0)184714562 or



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