Fully Funded Ph.D. Position: Neurodiverse Individuals, Campus Lille, France

Postdoc in France

Ph.D. Position: Neurodiverse Individuals: Lille Economics and Management (LEM, CNRS UMR 9221) and IÉSEG School of Management are offering a fully funded Ph.D. position in Human Resources Management and Organisational Behaviour. This position focuses on the “Integration of Neurodiverse Individuals in Organizations” within the HRM/OB area. The project aims to understand barriers hindering the integration of neurodivergent individuals in workplaces and contribute to the effective implementation of diversity measures. The selected candidate will join a multidisciplinary team and be part of IÉSEG’s People and Organization (PON) department.

Fully Funded Ph.D. Position: Integration of Neurodiverse Individuals in Organizations

Study Area: Human Resources Management, Organisational Behaviour, Corporate Social Responsibility

Location: Campus Lille, France


  • Hold an MSc. or be close to completion in a relevant field such as management, business, economics, or psychology. Other degrees in social sciences may also be considered.
  • Strong analytical skills and commitment to research excellence.
  • Familiarity with empirical analysis.
  • Eagerness to learn advanced qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Excellent command of English, both spoken and written.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team.

Description: This Ph.D. project, situated at the intersection of Human Resources Management and Organisational Behavior, aims to explore and address challenges related to integrating neurodiverse individuals in organizations. It aligns with IÉSEG’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The selected candidate will work under the supervision of Professors Mamta Bhatt, Johan Maes, and Antonio Giangreco, benefiting from a vibrant research environment and diverse faculty at IÉSEG School of Management and LEM.

Working Conditions: The selected applicant is expected to start the assignment from October 2024, with a competitive gross salary of 2100€ per month. The Ph.D. student will be based in Lille, at the IÉSEG School of Management campus. The candidate will enroll in the Ph.D. program at the University of Lille and receive support for engaging in innovative, business-relevant research projects with high publication potential.

How to Apply: Interested candidates should submit their application through the provided platform. The application should include a CV, motivation letter, and statement of academic performance. In the motivation letter, applicants should articulate their passion for the field, research interests, and how their background aligns with the Ph.D. position. For inquiries, applicants can contact phd.recruitment@ieseg.fr.

Last Date: The deadline to apply is April 15th, 2024. Applications will be considered immediately, and candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to be considered for this exciting opportunity.



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