Ph.D. Student Position in Microtubule, IGBMC, France

Postdoc in France
Ph.D. Student Position in Microtubule: We are seeking a motivated Ph.D. student to join our team at the Integrated Structural Biology Department at IGBMC. The project will focus on the identification and detailed characterization of the functional “fingerprints” left by Microtubule Organizing Centers (MTOCs) on microtubules (MTs), using advanced cryo-electron tomography techniques.

Ph.D. Student Position in Microtubule Organizing Center (MTOC) Fingerprint


Ph.D. Student

Research Area:

Cellular Architecture
In-depth exploration of Microtubule Organizing Centers (MTOC) in cellular structures.


Integrated Structural Biology Department, IGBMC, France


  • Initial experience with mammalian cell culture
  • Initial experience with light and, optimally, electron microscopy
  • Basic programming skills and first experience with Linux
  • Capability to access the central concepts of a biological research area based on literature research
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken)

Job Description:

The successful candidate will be involved in:

  • Describing the fingerprints of MTs organized by different MTOCs
  • Determining the types of MT-associated proteins (MAPs) that confer these characteristics
  • Employing genetic and pharmacological perturbations to characterize MTs structurally, using focused ion beam milling enabled in-situ cryo-electron tomography combined with a dedicated subtomogram averaging pipeline.

Skills Acquired During Ph.D. Studies:

  • Advanced culturing of mammalian cells including CRISPR-based genetic engineering and pharmacological treatments
  • Complete in-situ structural biology workflows, including cryo-electron tomography from specimen preparation to data acquisition and image processing
  • Utilization and construction of software tools for quantitative computational analysis of 3D ultrastructural data
  • Scientific independence in conducting and presenting an elaborate cross-disciplinary project

How to Apply:

Candidates are required to send their application documents compiled as a single PDF in English by the 26th of July 2024, to Florian Faessler at

Application Documents:

  • A motivation letter covering your education/scientific experiences and how they have prepared/motivated you to work on this project (max. 1 page)
  • Your CV
  • Your Master’s degree and corresponding transcripts
  • A description of the central experiment of your Master Thesis or M2 work and what kind of follow-up work experiment you would propose (max. 1 page)
  • Names and contact details of 2 referees

Last Date for Apply:

26th July 2024

Join us at IGBMC for an exciting journey into cutting-edge cellular architecture research and contribute to groundbreaking discoveries in structural biology!



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