Panoz Pharmaceutical Innovation PhD Scholarships, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Postdoc in Ireland

Pharmaceutical Innovation PhD Scholarships: The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences invites applications for the Panoz Pharmaceutical Innovation PhD Scholarships for September 2024 intake. These four-year funded PhD projects provide an excellent opportunity for exceptional candidates to collaborate with world-leading Principal Investigators (PIs) and researchers. The projects cover diverse areas such as integrin ligands in cell stress and bioprocessing, cellular heterogeneity in biomanufacturing, optimizing medicines for older adults with intellectual disability, and innovations in medication self-management and breastfeeding.

🔬 PhD Scholarship: Mechanistic Studies on Integrin Ligands

  • Investigates integrins’ role in cytoprotective effects of bile acids.
  • Aims to understand underlying mechanisms and design non-bile acid ligands for degenerative disorders.
  • Investigates cytoprotective effects in therapeutic antibody production from genetically engineered cells.

🧪 Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct biochemical and synthetic studies on integrin ligands.
  • Establish biochemical assay systems to measure ligand binding.
  • Conduct HPLC studies on integrin modulation impact on CHO cell antibody production.

🎓 Person Specification:

  • Must have a primary degree in pharmacy, chemistry, medicinal chemistry, or biochemistry.
  • Desired experience includes wet-lab experimental work and chemical synthesis skills.

🔬 PhD Scholarship: Cellular Heterogeneity in Biomanufacturing

  • Focuses on understanding and directing cellular heterogeneity for robust biomanufacturing.
  • Aims to standardize single-cell analysis and metabolomics in biomanufacturing workflows.

🧪 Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct research in cellular heterogeneity, single-cell analysis, and metabolism.
  • Disseminate research outcomes through presentations and publications.
  • Engage in wider research activities within the research group and relevant institutes.

🎓 Person Specification:

  • Requires proficiency in English, communication skills, and time management.
  • Desired skills include cell biology, single-cell analysis, and statistical analysis experience.

📊 PhD Scholarship: Optimizing Medicines for Older Adults with Intellectual Disability

  • Develops and tests the implementation of the OPTIMA-ID tool for medicines optimization.
  • Aims to improve patient outcomes and usability across professional groups.

🧪 Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Apply for research ethics approvals and develop research protocols.
  • Undertake pharmacoepidemiology and inter-rater reliability studies using OPTIMA-ID.
  • Pilot the implementation of OPTIMA-ID in clinical settings.

🎓 Person Specification:

  • Requires a minimum 2:1 honors degree in pharmacy or related field.
  • Desired skills include population health research experience and statistical knowledge.

🔍 PhD Scholarship: Innovations in Medication Self-Management and Breastfeeding

  • Investigates medication self-management and breastfeeding practices.
  • Aims to identify barriers and facilitators to medication optimization in breastfeeding mothers.

🧪 Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct systematic reviews, cohort studies, and qualitative exploration.
  • Engage with patients and stakeholders for research input.
  • Disseminate findings through publications and conferences.

🎓 Person Specification:

  • Requires a degree in healthcare, psychology, or relevant discipline.
  • Desired skills include research experience and strong interpersonal abilities.

Designation: Panoz Pharmaceutical Innovation PhD Scholar

Research Area:

  1. Mechanistic and synthetic studies on integrin ligands in cell stress and bioprocessing
  2. Capturing, understanding, and directing cellular heterogeneity in the biomanufacturing of cellular therapeutics
  3. Optimising Medicines for Older Adults with Intellectual Disability using the OPTIMA-ID Tool
  4. Theoretically informed and data-driven innovations in medication self-management and breastfeeding

Location: School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Trinity College Dublin


  • Open to outstanding candidates worldwide
  • Full fees (EU) and stipend rate of €25,000 per year are covered
  • Provision for the purchase of a laptop in year 1
  • Contribution toward research conference travel costs each year

Job Description: Successful candidates will receive hands-on research training, exposure to world-leading speakers, and the opportunity to take one of the full Postgraduate Certificates in Innovation offered by Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace. The program aims to foster a new generation of leaders in pharmaceutical sciences, equipped with research integrity and transferable skills.

How to Apply: Interested applicants must apply through the provided form here on or before 10th May 2024. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for online interviews following the closing date.

Last Date for Apply: May 10, 2024


Disclaimer: This job post is sourced from a reliable outlet. For further details and confirmation, please refer to the official site of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Trinity College Dublin.


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