PhD or Postdoc Position – Biosensors, KU Leuven, Belgium

Postdoctoral Fellow in Belgium

PhD or Postdoc Position – Biosensors: The Lab for Nanobiology at KU Leuven invites applications for a PhD or postdoc position (ref. BAP-2024-331) specializing in the development of biosensors for live-cell imaging. This interdisciplinary role involves engineering ‘smart’ molecular tools to visualize biochemical processes within intact cells and live tissues.

PhD or Postdoc Position – Development of Biosensors for Live-Cell Imaging
Summary Table:

Designation:PhD Student or Postdoctoral Researcher
Research Area:Development of Biosensors for Live-Cell Imaging
Location:KU Leuven, Belgium
Eligibility/Qualification:Master’s degree in (bio)chemistry, biology, physics, or related fields
Last Date for Apply:July 30, 2024

Job Description: As part of the Lab for Nanobiology at KU Leuven, you will contribute to the development of a new biosensor architecture aimed at visualizing a broader range of biochemical processes within living systems. Your responsibilities will include protein engineering to create novel biosensors, evaluating their performance via fluorescence microscopy, and utilizing computational data analysis to extract insights into biological questions.

How to Apply: Interested candidates should apply online no later than July 30, 2024, via the online application tool. For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Peter Dedecker at or Mr. Vincent Van Deuren at

This position offers a unique opportunity to join a dynamic team at the forefront of nanobiology research, with access to state-of-the-art facilities and a collaborative interdisciplinary environment. Join us in advancing our understanding of complex biological systems through innovative molecular tools. Apply now!



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