PhD Position at ITQ-Instituto de Tecnología Química, Spain

Postdoc in Spain

PhD Position at ITQ: The Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ) is offering a PhD position focused on the development of hybrid nanoparticles for enhanced magnetic resonance and PET imaging. This research is part of the PROMETEO 2022 project, aimed at creating an inexpensive MRI-PET-Acoustic hybrid system for cancer theranostics. The position spans from December 1, 2022, to December 31, 2025, with the start date subject to administrative processes.

PhD Position at Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ)

Summary Table

TitlePhD Position in Hybrid Nanoparticles for Enhanced Magnetic Resonance and PET Imaging
DesignationPhD Student
Research AreaNanomedicine, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy
LocationInstituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ), Spain
Eligibility/QualificationMS in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or Pharmacy; BS grade ≥ 7/10; English proficiency (B1 or higher)
Job DescriptionDevelop nanoplatforms for muscle infiltrating bladder cancer treatment and chemotherapy; focus on nanoparticles with specific therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities
How to ApplyContact Pablo Botella Asuncion via email (
Last Date for ApplyNot specified


  • PhD Student

Research Area

  • Nanomedicine
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Pharmacy


  • Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ), Spain


  1. MS in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or Pharmacy.
  2. BS grade of 7 out of 10 or higher.
  3. Demonstrable level of English (B1 or higher).

Job Description The successful candidate will work on the development of a nanoplatform aimed at muscle infiltrating bladder cancer (MIBC) treatment and side effects-free chemotherapy. The key tasks include:

  • Creating nanoparticles based on covalent organic frameworks (COFs).
  • Loading nanoparticles with a combination of antitumor drugs for MIBC therapy.
  • Labeling nanoparticles with radiotracers for PET imaging and/or magnetic centers for MRI studies.

The research will be conducted within the Nanomedicine-ITQ group, which focuses on developing therapeutic and diagnostic platforms based on nanomaterials and molecular recognition systems. The group’s activities include:

  1. Developing nanomedicines for targeted delivery and controlled release of therapeutic agents.
  2. Studying interactions between pharmacological platforms and biological systems.
  3. Creating imaging and diagnostic nanosystems for early disease detection.

How to Apply Interested candidates should contact the scientific lead, Pablo Botella Asuncion, via email at

Last Date for Apply

  • Not specified

For more information about the research group, visit Nanomedicine-ITQ.

This PhD position offers a unique opportunity to work at the forefront of nanomedicine, contributing to significant advancements in cancer theranostics.



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