Fully Funded PhD Position in Flow Chemistry, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Teaching Staffs at SVPUAT Meerut, UP- Apply by 14 October 2020

PhD Position in Flow Chemistry: An exciting opportunity awaits aspiring researchers with a passion for cutting-edge science! The Synthetic Flow Chemistry Group 8 at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, invites applications for a Fully Funded PhD Position under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Maksim Oseka. The research focuses on developing innovative electro- and photochemical transformations in continuous flow, merging organic synthesis techniques with chemical engineering for enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

Fully Funded PhD Position in Synthetic Flow Chemistry Group 8

Summary Table:

PositionFully Funded PhD Position
SupervisorAssist. Prof. Maksim Oseka
LocationTallinn University of Technology, Estonia
Research AreaSynthetic Flow Chemistry
More InformationLink to Research Group

Study Area: The research encompasses the development of new asymmetric electrochemical methods in continuous flow, combining organocatalysis with electrochemistry. This approach offers sustainable transformations by utilizing electrons as traceless and green reagents, eliminating the need for highly toxic RedOx chemicals. The project, at the intersection of organic synthesis and chemical engineering, holds the potential for discovering new life-saving drugs.

Scholarship Description: The successful PhD student will lead experiments in a chemistry laboratory, conduct analytical studies, and characterize newly synthesized compounds. Engaging in multidisciplinary research, the candidate will contribute to group progress meetings, supervise bachelor’s or master’s degree students, and produce a draft manuscript showcasing their findings.

Eligibility: Applicants should possess a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, or a related subject with advanced coursework in chemistry. Additionally, applicants must have prior work experience in a research laboratory and a good command of English.

Required Documents: Interested candidates are required to submit a motivation letter and a CV.

How to Apply: Send your application, including the motivation letter and CV, to Prof. Maksim Oseka (maksim.oseka@taltech.ee).

Last Date: Applications must be submitted by 31st of March 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of groundbreaking research in synthetic flow chemistry!


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