Various PhD Positions at University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The University of Copenhagen has four campus areas. As distances in Copenhagen are relatively small, it is easy to get from one campus to the other either by bicycle or public transportation. The campus areas are integrated into the city of Copenhagen and students use the facilities available in the city, adding a lively buzz to the streets and cafés of Copenhagen.

PhD Positions at University of Copenhagen: As a PhD student at the University of Copenhagen you have the opportunity to advance your international career as part of a world class research team. Every year, UCPH enrols more than 700 new PhD students. The University of Copenhagen offers cutting edge research in an international atmosphere. In 2013 Monocle Magazine heralded Copenhagen as “the most liveable city in the world”.

PhD Position: Shipping Decarbonization and Trade Law at the Faculty of Law, University of CopenhagenFaculty of LawFaculty of Law30-06-2024
PhD positions in Theoretical Computer Science and/or Combinatorial OptimizationFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Computer Science01-07-2024
PhD position in forest growth modellingFaculty of ScienceInstitut for Geovidenskab og Naturforvaltning03-07-2024
Two PhD Position (100%, 36 months) at The Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science (SODAS) at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark)Faculty of Social SciencesSODAS14-07-2024
PhD or Integrated MSc and PhD fellowship in AlgorithmsFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Computer Science15-07-2024
2 PhD fellowships in experimental brain tumor research and bioinformatics at BRIC, Kristensen groupFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesBiotech research and innovation centre19-07-2024
PhD fellowship in Bioinformatics/Data Science/Machine Learning at Department of Drug Design and PharmacologyFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesDepartment of Drug Design and Pharmacology21-07-2024
PhD fellowship in organoid modelling of the post-acute phase of COVID at the Department of Biomedical SciencesFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesDepartment of Biomedical Sciences21-07-2024
PhD position in newborn infectious diseases and therapeutics at the Department of Veterinary and Animal SciencesFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesDepartment of Veterinary and Animal Sciences31-07-2024
PhD position at the Faculty Theology, “Theology and ethics of domesticated animals”Faculty of TheologyDet Teologiske Fakultet02-08-2024
PhD fellowship in understanding sensory palatability of rapeseed proteinsFaculty of ScienceFOOD02-08-2024
PhD fellowship in Physics-Informed Data Analysis for BiosciencesFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Computer Science04-08-2024
PhD fellowship in Nutrition and Gut Microbiome ResearchFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports04-08-2024
PhD fellowship in Molecular Cell BiologyFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Biology05-08-2024
PhD fellowship in climate warming responses of Sphagnum functionality and carbon balanceFaculty of ScienceInstitut for Geovidenskab og Naturforvaltning11-08-2024
PhD fellow in Quantum OptomechanicsFaculty of ScienceNiels Bohr institutet12-08-2024
PhD fellowship in In Vivo Pharmacology at the Section for Preclinical Disease Biology Department of Veterinary and Animal SciencesFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesDepartment of Veterinary and Animal Sciences13-08-2024
PhD position in philosophy of scienceFaculty of HumanitiesInstitut for Kommunikation31-08-2024
PhD scholarship on Multiple Waterscapes in Urban Ghana at the Centre of African StudiesFaculty of TheologyCentre of African Studies01-09-2024
PhD Scholarship in Human physiology, Environmental Health and Climate ChangeFaculty of ScienceNEXS01-09-2024
PhD scholarship in digital media and scandal at the Department of Communication, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen (UCPH)Faculty of HumanitiesDepartment of Communication01-09-2024
PhD fellow in Geography, with a focus on urban expansion and encroachment on ecologically sensitive areas in African citiesFaculty of ScienceInstitut for Geovidenskab og Naturforvaltning04-09-2024


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