PhD student Position in European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, Netherlands

Designation/Position- PhD student

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European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, Netherlands offer PhD student position in chemical engineering, electrochemistry, physical chemistry on Novel methods for electrochemical capture and conversion of CO2 project.

About- There is a growing interest in Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU), i.e. the development of technologies to remove CO2 from flue gas, and use the captured CO2 as a working fluid, or as a source of carbon.

Despite all the progress achieved over the last decade, current capture technologies (e.g. amine-based post combustion, calcium looping post combustion, oxy-

fuel process) have still high energy consumptions. Therefore, further research is still needed to create low-energy CCU solutions that will benefit the environment, the society, and the economy.

At Wetsus, current research activities on CCU are based on a novel electrochemical process, namely reactive gas electrosorption (RGE).

In the RGE process, CO2 is first dissolved in water, and then adsorbed as ions (e.g., bicarbonate and protons) into capacitive materials, by applying an electric voltage between two electrodes.

The principle of the RGE process has been already demonstrated as promising technology to recover energy from flue gas 1,2 .

However, research is still needed to further develop the RGE technology for carbon capture, e.g. through a careful selection of electrode materials, ion exchange membranes, and reactor design.

Research/Job areaChemical engineering, Electrochemistry, Physical chemistry

Project Title- Novel methods for electrochemical capture and conversion of CO2

Location- European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, Netherlands

Eligibility/Qualification- Research group is looking for a candidate with an MSc degree in chemical engineering, electrochemistry, physical chemistry or a related field, with a strong physical chemistry and / or electrochemistry background.

The candidate should have excellent experimental and theoretical skills.

Research Group Offer-

  • Doing a PhD in the Netherlands takes 4 year.

  • You earn a salary to make a living.

  • In year 1 the salary is €31.108, in year 4 it is €39.760 before tax.

  • The amount of paid holiday days is 35 / year.

Job/Position Description- The aim of this PhD project is to develop the next generation of electrochemical CO2 capture process, building on the previous experience at Wetsus in the field of applied electrochemistry, capacitive deionization (CDI), and energy recovery from flue gas (CO2 energy).

In particular, the PhD project will focus on the development of novel capacitive materials for CO2 capture, electrode coating, and new cell design.

Other electrochemical processes based on ion exchange materials will also be investigated.

The expected outcome of the project is a comprehensive understanding of transport phenomena involved in electrochemical CO2 capture processes, including the development of a process model for the selected technologies.

The PhD project will be executed within the Wetsus research theme Sustainable Carbon Cycle. The following companies are part of this theme : Alliander (NL), Laborelec / ENGIE (BE), and Shell (NL).

How to Apply- Outstanding and highly motivated candidates are asked to provide the following information-

  • Motivation letter

  • CV specifying : Doctoral study entrance qualification (name master degree) List of internships (subject, name supervisor, grade, etc) Publications (if applicable) Scientific interest, complementary qualifications, achievements Other relevant information

  • Grades (with explanation on the grading system)

  • Copy of master diploma or letter of university that master diploma will be obtained soon

  • At least one letter of recommendation and contact information of the referee(s)

  • Use the apply button to send your application. You find the apply button at the end of each project published.

You can only apply once. You are asked to rank your preference for a research project. A maximum of 3 preferences can be given.

The recruitment will proceed based on your first preference. If we think you are more suitable for your 2nd or 3th preference, we will inform you.

Send application to http : / / /

For more information contact : Dr. Michele Tedesco ( michele.tedesco ) Full-Time, Temporary PhD Project Updated on 27.

03.2018 While applying for the job please refer to jobvector and use the following reference number : 7.7

For Contact- Dr. Michele Tedesco (michele.tedesco

Location- Wetsus, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


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