Postdoc in Functional Analysis at Leiden, Netherlands

Postdoc positions - 2019-Amsterdam, Netherlands

Postdoc in Functional Analysis of DNA: The Van Attikum lab at the Department of Human Genetics at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to study genetic variants in the breast cancer predisposing gene CHEK2. The aim of this project is to develop and employ a high-throughput functional assay to assess the impact of all possible missense variants in CHEK2 on CHK2 protein kinase activity. This information will allow carriers of CHEK2 variants to make informed decisions regarding cancer screening and treatment.

Designation: Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Area: Cancer Genetics

Location: Leiden, Netherlands


PhD in cell biology, molecular biology or a related field with at least one peer-reviewed, high-impact first-author publication. Experience in standard molecular biology techniques, cell culture, flow cytometry, and next-generation sequencing is required. Bioinformatics skills for the analysis of next-generation sequencing data are essential.

Job Description:

The successful candidate will study genetic variants in the breast cancer predisposing gene CHEK2 for which the clinical significance in terms of cancer risk is unclear. The research will involve a variety of molecular biology techniques such as transfections, DNA and protein isolation, PCR and western blotting, flow cytometry, and next-generation sequencing. The work will also entail cell culture of mouse embryonic stem cells and the implementation of high-throughput functional assays.

How to Apply:

Interested individuals can reach out to Prof. Dr. Haico van Attikum ( with a cover letter summarizing your past-experience and research interests, as well as a CV including names and contact information of at least 2 referees.

Last Date to Apply: 07 February 2023


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