Postdoctoral Fellow – JUNIOR Fund, Charles University, Czech Republic

ERC Funded Postdoctoral Positions, Charles University, Czech Republic

Postdoctoral Fellow – JUNIOR Fund: As part of Charles University’s constant efforts to develop and strengthen its research base, we are keen to recruit high-quality post-doctoral research fellows from abroad to work at top University or faculty centres and contribute to the University’s strong research profile.

Designation: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Area: Various
The JUNIOR Fund is designed to attract prospective international post-doc researchers to carry out research within a specific field. The initiative is led by the relevant establishment, faculty, or other unit of Charles University interested in a particular research project.

Charles University, Czech Republic


  • The applicant must be a resident of a foreign country.
  • No more than 5 years must have elapsed since the completion of the applicant’s Ph.D. at the time of filing the application. The time limit may be extended for maternity or paternity leave.
  • The applicant must have completed Ph.D. studies abroad at the time of submission.
  • The applicant cannot be qualified for associate professorship (habilitation) prior to the application deadline.
  • Applicants of Czech and Slovak nationality are eligible if they have completed their doctoral studies at a foreign university.

Job Description:

  • Engage in a research project for up to 2 years (24 months) of full-time employment.
  • Work in all academic and research fields maintained within Charles University.
  • The hosting faculty/unit of CU provides the necessary environment (room, technology, etc.).
  • Receive a scholarship covering part of the wages and other costs, no less than 1,000 EUR/month.
  • The Rectorate of CU provides an additional scholarship from the JUNIOR Fund, up to 37,500 CZK/month (approx. 1,400 EUR/month).
  • A special commission will evaluate the outcomes in the first year and decide on the continuation of the project.
  • At the end of the two-year period, the commission evaluates the project based on the final theses, publications, and other outcomes.

How to Apply:

  • The faculty of CU proposes a viable research topic included in the scholarly activities of the faculty.
  • Based on the published project information, the applicant contacts the research establishment to prepare the project content.
  • Submit required application documents to the contact person of the Faculty/other unit of CU or the project supervisor within the set deadline.
  • The application includes an Application Form, Letter of Reference, Professional Curriculum Vitae, and a copy of the University Diploma or Provisional certificate of Ph.D. completion.
  • Applications are sent to the Rectorate of Charles University for evaluation by an independent committee.
  • Successful applicants are informed by Faculty coordinators and must complete necessary formalities (e.g., visa).

Last Date for Apply:

  • Projects for the research period 1.1.2025 – 31.12.2026 are announced on 13.6.2024.
  • Deadline for submitting application documents to faculty coordinators/supervisors is in July 2024 (exact date specified per project).
  • Nominations by faculties to the Rectorate are on 5.8.2024.
  • The university committee evaluates projects in September 2024.
  • Final allocation of funds is approved by the Rector in September 2024.
  • Successful candidates start their research on 1.1.2025.

Contact: Alexandr Kandakov, Ph.D.
T: +420 224 491 307
International Relations Office (Rectorate, Charles University)

For more details and to view the list of post-doc positions, visit the List of post-doc positions at Charles University.



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