4 Postdoctoral Positions in Quantum Information, France

Postdoc in France

Postdoctoral Positions in Quantum Information: Applications are invited for four two-year postdoctoral positions starting January 2025, funded by the A*MIDEX Chaire d’Excellence project, “Quantumness: combinatorial, computational, and distributed” (QCCD). These positions provide funding for research travel and computer equipment, allowing significant autonomy in shaping research profiles through academic visits and conferences.

4 Postdoctoral Positions in Quantum Information, Computation, and Foundations

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Area:
Quantum Information, Quantum Computation, Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Causality, Quantum Information Theory

Aix-Marseille University (AMU), Calcul Naturel (CANA) team, Laboratoire d’Informatique et des Systèmes (LIS), France


  • PhD in a relevant field.
  • Expertise in one or more of the specified research themes.
  • Last academic degree obtained outside Aix-Marseille University.
  • Not currently employed by Aix-Marseille University.

Job Description:
Candidates will work on one of the following specified research themes:

  1. Models of Quantum Computation: Focus on state-injection, measurement-based models, foundational aspects of nonclassicality, Bell nonlocality, contextuality, and quantum resource theories.
  2. Nonclassicality in Quantum Algorithms: Work on quantum algorithms such as variational quantum eigensolvers, shallow quantum circuits, quantum machine learning, and dequantization.
  3. Quantum Causality: Involves quantum causal models, indefinite causal orders, classical/quantum causal compatibility in networks, with applications of quantum causal models.
  4. Quantum Information and Foundations: Includes quantum information theory, post-quantum theories, correlations in quantum and post-quantum theories, and using convex optimization techniques such as linear and semidefinite programming.


  • Conduct independent and collaborative research in line with the project theme.
  • Participate in academic visits and international conferences.
  • Contribute to research publications.
  • Engage with the academic community at Aix-Marseille University.

How to Apply:
Applicants should send the following materials via email to ravi.kunjwal@lis-lab.fr:

  • Full academic CV, including a list of publications.
  • Cover letter (max 1 page) mentioning expertise and fit with the theme(s).
  • Research statement (max 3 pages), outlining research goals and potential collaborative projects.
  • Two reference letters sent directly by the referees.

Applicants can indicate interest in more than one position but must state their order of preference.

Last Date to Apply:
August 18, 2024 (timezone AoE)

Contact Email:

Additional Information:
Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in September, with final offers made shortly after the interviews. All materials must be submitted by the application deadline.



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