Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Oxford, UK

Postdoctoral Research Assistant Position in University of Oxford, UK

Postdoctoral Research Associate: The Department of Biology at the University of Oxford is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate to join an ERC-funded project. This role involves studying the interactions at the plant-pathogen interface, with the aim of developing new strategies for crop protection.


Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Area

  • Molecular mechanisms underpinning extracellular manipulation of the host during infection.
  • Plant-pathogen interactions.


Department of Biology, South Parks Rd, Oxford, OX1 3RB, United Kingdom


  • Extensive experience in molecular cloning, protein expression, and purification.
  • Strong background in using co-immunoprecipitation, enzymatic assays, and activity-based labeling techniques.
  • Proficiency in reverse genetics to study plant and pathogen components.
  • Ability to collaborate within an interdisciplinary research team.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm and dedication to research.

Job Description

  • Verify predicted protein-protein interactions using co-immunoprecipitation.
  • Establish enzymatic assays and activity-based labeling to demonstrate the effects of target manipulation.
  • Utilize reverse genetics to deplete components from both plant and pathogen, illustrating their importance in pathogen virulence and plant immunity.
  • Collaborate with team members to explore new strategies for crop protection based on the results from these studies.
  • Participate in interdisciplinary research and contribute to publications resulting from the project.

How to Apply

Applicants should include the following documents:

  1. Application letter.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  3. A list addressing the job criteria.
  4. Names and contact information of two academic references.

Where Covid-19 has affected your work or research outputs, please provide an additional paragraph explaining this disruption in your supporting statement.

Submit your application to:

For further inquiries, contact:

Last Date for Apply

12.00 noon on 02 August 2024

Additional Information

  • Vacancy ID: 173946
  • Salary: £36,024 – £39,347 per annum
  • Contact Person: HR Team
  • Job Post File Size: 530.6 KB

Join us in this exciting project to advance our understanding of plant-pathogen interactions and contribute to global crop protection strategies.



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