Research Scholarship Positions at Umea University, Sweden

Postdoc Position (2 years) 2019 in Sweden, Umeå University

Research Scholarship Positions: Umea University, Sweden, invites applications for postdoctoral and PhD positions at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Kohler. The research focuses on unraveling the molecular principles of Protein Quality Control (PQC) mechanisms for mitochondrially-encoded proteins in health, ageing, and disease, using Saccharomyces cerevisiae and human cell culture. The positions offer a collaborative and innovative research environment with cutting-edge scientific infrastructure and resources.

Summary Table:

PositionDurationApplication Deadline
Postdoctoral Researcher2 yearsJanuary 14th, 2024
PhD Student4 yearsJanuary 7th, 2024

Study Area: Mitochondria, Protein Quality Control, Molecular Mechanisms

Scholarship Description:

Research Scholarship Positions in Mitochondria Protein Quality Control at Umea University

The research aims to decode the intricacies of PQC mechanisms for mitochondrially-encoded proteins, essential for cellular energy homeostasis and overall cellular functionality. The project utilizes yeast and human cell culture as primary model systems to explore the impact of PQC on cellular health during ageing and in various diseases. The laboratory promotes a collaborative, inclusive, and open-minded research atmosphere, ensuring the highest standards of scientific quality.

Eligibility: Candidates should demonstrate a strong interest in Mitochondria, PQC, and related molecular mechanisms. The ideal candidate is a team player actively engaging in scientific discussions.

Required Documents: Specific requirements for each position and details on required documents can be found in the official advertisements:

  1. Postdoctoral Fellowship (2 years) Link
  2. PhD Position (4 years) Link

How to Apply: Interested candidates should follow the application process outlined in the respective official advertisements linked above.

Last Date:

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Apply until January 14th, 2024
  • PhD Position: Apply until January 7th, 2024

Contact: For any inquiries about the position, please contact Dr. Andreas Kohler at:



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