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For broadcast updates on WhatsApp, you need to pay a subscription fee of 120 ₹ ( To get updates till 30 March 2022).

You can also transfer this update to your known one when you feel you don’t need this update.

For WhatsApp status updates, we need to save your number.

Please send us a message – I want to join for WhatsApp status updates, and we will save your number in our contact list.

You can also install our app-like feature, which you get when you open our website as a popup.

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What you will get in this broadcast updates

Same regular updates for research position information

Now you can choose any of the categories for getting Whatsapp broadcast updates

  1. All
  2. Postdoc/Scientist/Faculty Position
  3. Scientist/Faculty Position
  4. Ph.D. Updates

How to pay subscription fee and join our broadcast update

You can pay (120 ₹) by UPI transaction to researchersjob@kotak, and send a transaction message to our Whatsapp number +91-9709886840 for confirmation. (No transaction fee for UPI pay)

In the transaction option detail, please put your mobile number, on which you want regular updates.


  1. Please click the button (Pay RJ WhatsApp Subscription) below

2. You will go payment section

RJ 120 2

3. Fill in the details

Note- Please fill in that mobile number in detail in which you want Whatsapp updates.

RJ 120

4. Pay by choosing any payment option

5. Send transaction message on our Whatsapp number (@ +91-9709886840) with selecting your choice category (1) All, (2) Postdoc/Scientist/Faculty Position, (3) Scientist/Faculty Position or (4) Ph.D. Updates)

OR, you can directly transfer by NEFT/RTGS/IMPS transaction for no processing fee and send transaction message on our Whatsapp number (@ +91-9709886840)

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Why we started subscription limit to our Whatsapp regular update

  • We observe that many of our members who joined our WhatsApp broadcast update are not actually for getting Postdoc/Ph.D. level updates.
  • Many members just join because it is free even they don’t actually need such updates.
  • Many members join here because they want to promote their link (like YouTube channel, webinar or some other links)
  • We only send Postdoc/Ph.D. level updates and our target members are only limited to that.
  • In order to make our platform much better, to work it more efficiently and bedrock for our future growth.

About Us –

We are a non-profit, non-corporate, and non-compromised group. We continuously provide regular research updates. Our research update platform, such as a forum, broadcast updates, videos, podcasts, helps the research community to boost their research carrier. Many researchers like you help us keep our motivation high to do better.

On Whatsapp, we have only a broadcast list, and we don’t have any WhatsApp groups. You can only get our updates if you save our number in your phone’s contact list.

We are trying to the aware research community so you can be sure we are here to keep pace with Postdoc, Ph.D., Faculty, Internship, Scholarship, Funding, Research Job, and Knowledge updates.