1 Postdoctoral & 1 Ph.D. open positions, CNB (Madrid, Spain)

Postdoc in Spain

1 Postdoctoral & 1 Ph.D.: Join our team in the Molecular Infection Biology laboratory at CNB (Madrid, Spain) and contribute to cutting-edge research aimed at combating antibiotic-resistant MRSA infections. We are offering 1 postdoctoral and 1 Ph.D. position for a 4-year research project focusing on understanding key cellular mechanisms in MRSA virulence and their potential as targets for novel infection-fighting strategies.


  • 1 Postdoctoral Position
  • 1 Ph.D. Position (4 years)

Research Area: Molecular infection biology approaches to develop new strategies to fight antibiotic-resistant MRSA infections.

Location: CNB (Madrid, Spain)

Eligibility/Qualification: Applicants should possess a strong background in molecular microbiology or cell biology.

Job Description:

1 Postdoctoral & 1 Ph.D. open positions in Molecular Infection Biology

We are seeking highly motivated individuals to contribute to our research project in the Molecular Infection Biology laboratory. The project focuses on characterizing cellular mechanisms within the al membrane microdomains (FMM) of MRSA, a multi-drug resistant human pathogen. The successful candidates will investigate the role of these mechanisms in MRSA virulence and their potential as targets to combat MRSA infections.

How to Apply: Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by September 30th, 2023. Please submit the following documents as a single PDF file to diopez@cnb.csic.es:

  • CV
  • Contact information of academic references

Last Date for Apply: September 30th, 2023

Selected Recent Publications:

2022Cordero & Garcia et al.Nat Comm13:1525
2017Garcia-Fernandez et al.Cell158: 1060-1071

For more information about our laboratory and research, please visit the following websites:

For informal inquiries, feel free to contact Daniel Lopez at: dlopez@cnb.csic.es

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking research in the field of Molecular Infection Biology and make a difference in the fight against antibiotic-resistant MRSA infections. Apply today!


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