30 Postdoctoral Fellowships in Basic and Applied Physics, Czech Republic

Arturo Falaschi Postdoctoral Fellowships - 2020 in ICGEB

30 Postdoctoral Fellowships: Join the Physics for Future (P4F) program, offering 30 MSCA COFUND postdoctoral fellowships in basic and applied physics. The P4F program is dedicated to hiring talented postdoctoral researchers who have recently completed their Ph.D. in Physics, with up to 8 years of research experience since their Ph.D. award. These 24-month fellowships include secondments lasting from 1 to 3 months, providing a unique opportunity for career development.

Designation: Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Area: Physics for Future

Location: Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic


  • Ph.D. in Physics
  • Up to 8 years of full-time equivalent (FTE) research experience since Ph.D. award
  • Extensions for career breaks are possible
  • Researchers awaiting formal Ph.D. degree approval are eligible
  • Mobility criterion: No more than 12 months of residence or main activity in the Czech Republic in the 36 months before the program’s call deadline

Job Description:

  • Conduct individual bottom-up research projects
  • Advance your career in various physics fields, including Condensed Matter Physics, Optics, Nano Materials, High-Energy Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology, and Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical Physics

How to Apply:

  1. Complete applications following the Guide for Applicants, including a supervisor endorsement.
  2. Submit your application by the program’s deadline.

Last Date for Apply: November 10, 2023

Additional Information:

Table 1: Research Areas Supported by P4F Fellowships

Research AreaDescription
Condensed Matter PhysicsStudy of solid and liquid states of matter
OpticsInvestigation of light and its properties
Nano MaterialsExploration of materials at nanoscale
High-Energy PhysicsResearch on fundamental particles and forces
Astrophysics and CosmologyStudy of celestial objects and the universe
Atomic, Molecular, and Chemical PhysicsUnderstanding atomic and molecular interactions

Table 2: Fellowship Details

Fellowship Duration24 months
Secondments1 to 3 months
SalaryEUR 3200 gross per month
Family AllowanceUp to EUR 3400 per month (if eligible)
Research Proposal CostsGenerous contributions for consumables, publications, and travel

P4F fellows will benefit from full social security, health insurance, and employment by the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences or ELI Beamlines Facility. Mobility allowances for relocation (including family, where applicable) and special needs allowances for researchers with disabilities are available.

For detailed information and application instructions, please refer to the Guide for Applicants.

Join P4F to advance your postdoctoral career in physics and contribute to cutting-edge research in a supportive and innovative environment!



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