98 Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at University of Cagliari, Italy

Post-doctoral Position in Italy

98 Fully Funded PhD Scholarships: The University of Cagliari is offering fully funded PhD scholarships for exceptional candidates to pursue doctoral studies in various disciplines. These scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, and research costs, providing an excellent opportunity for aspiring researchers to advance their academic careers. With a total of 81 scholarships available, including both ordinary and reserved positions, this program aims to support outstanding scholars from diverse backgrounds.

Study Area: Various disciplines

Location: University of Cagliari, Italy

Eligibility/Qualification: Admission to the PhD programs is open to graduates from any nationality who hold a degree equivalent to the Italian laurea magistrale, laurea specialistica, or laurea, or an academic qualification (Master-level) from a recognized foreign university. Candidates who will graduate by September 30, 2024, are also eligible to apply. However, they must provide proof of graduation before enrollment. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements specified in the Notice of Competition.

Description: The University of Cagliari offers 98 positions for PhD programs, including 81 scholarships covering various scientific and disciplinary areas. These scholarships are financed by the University budget, MUR funds, departmental allocations, and external institutions such as INFN, INAFOAC, and the Italian-French University. PhD programs last for three years and will commence on October 1, 2024, contingent upon enrollment completion and the selection of at least three applicants per program.

How to Apply: Interested candidates must apply through the online procedure available on the ‘Servizi Online’ webpage of the University of Cagliari’s website. The application period is from the publication date of the Notice of Competition until April 30, 2024, at 12:00 pm (local time). Detailed guidelines on the application process can be found on the university’s website. Applicants must provide accurate personal information, details of their academic qualifications, and confirm their awareness of the competition’s terms and conditions.

Last Date: April 30, 2024



  1. I am interested in a post-Doctoral ,I have tried to apply but I haven’t been successful,is there a specific criteria or thing that is done which I don’t meet in order for me to secure one?I have never known because no feedback is given.


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