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Explain your research paper – Citation indexes are the lifeblood of any academic. Many researchers do not pay enough attention to this essential point. Social media and reputed blog is a great way to share your research paper to get more visibility. Your research paper is now more visible on various platforms.

The importance of citation for the career of a researcher

Citation is the cornerstone of academic life. When it comes to getting published or gaining recognition, it is the key to success. The key to getting and keeping the attention of the researchers who will read your work is to make it unique. This is why every researcher has their own unique way of writing a paper, citing references, submitting a paper, and presenting their research.

The importance of a strong citation network to a researcher

  • It gives recognition of your research work
  • A research profile measure
  • More visualization of research online

How to improve your citation

To keep your academic career on track, you have to do some hard work. But there are some easy steps you can take to make the process a little more convenient.

  1. Publication of high impact factor papers
  2. Write a Review Paper
  3. Focus on Open Access Journals
  4. Give others a reason to cite your paper
  5. Increase your online visibility
  6. Getting cited requires good citations
  7. Make use of the image search feature
  8. Choose the right keyword
  9. Collaborate with other researchers
  10. Graphical abstracts that are attractive

More Detail – How Can You Increase Your Citations for a Research Paper: Research Tip

After your hard work you get publication. After a paper is published, the number of citations is also an essential consideration.

Now you can explain your paper in short and simple way in our platform.

You explain your work in following suggested format.

  • About your work (Suggested word limit 200)
  • Explain the importance of the issue you address
  • Provide an overview of your research question or objectives
  • Describe your study design
  • Describe the key findings concerning the research question
  • Generalized results which you validate with current work
  • Study strengths and limitations
  • Future work perspectives


  • About this work-
  • Importance of the issue addressed-
  • Overview of the research question
  • Description of study design
  • Key findings
  • Generalized results
  • Study strengths and limitations
  • Future work perspectives

How can you publish your work with Researchersjob.

Step 1- Open Researchersjob Board

Step 2- Click on Post a Job

Step 3- Select Regular Listing or Featured Listing

Step 4- Fill your details

Select Research Paper Discussion

In the application link inset your paper link.

Step 5- Click on preview button and if you find it is OK, submit it.

Example – check post in listed post and in blog post

Listed Post- Evolution of hierarchically formed petal-like 3 dimensional layer structures for SnS2

In blog post- Petal-like 3D SnS2 via ratio control and their Supercapacitor behavior

Once you post your research paper discussion on Researchersjob Board, we will decide to Publish it on Blog Part or in Researchersjob site.

Hope this way you can make your paper more visible online and present your research work in interesting way to other researcher.


  • You are responsible for your content and image used for posting with us.
  • Only publish here already your published work in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Explain your work simply and interestingly.
  • You can choose format according to your choice.

We also suggest you put a different email id (not your main email id), so can other researchers ask, if they have any query and this will increase collaboration or your citation index.

Also, please put your own identity (At least mention your google scholar link), it will help you to more visible online.

If you have any suggestion, please write in comment box, or discuss in our researchersjob Forum.


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