GenEvo PhD Programme, IMB & Mainz University, Germany

Postdoc in Germany

GenEvo PhD Programme: The GenEvo PhD programme is now open for applications. This programme seeks talented and enthusiastic students with a Master’s degree in molecular biology or a related field to join cutting-edge research projects in Mainz, Germany. The recruitment process involves registration, application submission, and interviews. Selected candidates will work on exciting projects within the themes of Gene Regulation, Epigenetics & Genome Stability, and more, while joining a vibrant international community.

Summary Table

DesignationPhD Student
Research AreaGene Regulation, Epigenetics, Genome Stability
LocationMainz, Germany
Eligibility/QualificationMaster’s degree in molecular biology or related field
Application ProcessRegistration, Application Form, Interviews
Last Date for ApplyOpen now


PhD Student

Research Area

  • Gene Regulation
  • Epigenetics
  • Genome Stability
  • Ageing & Disease
  • RNA Biology
  • DNA Repair & Genome Stability
  • Epigenetics & Nuclear Dynamics
  • Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
  • Gene Regulation & Evolution
  • Proteostasis & Phase Separation
Group LeaderTopicInstitution
Ketting/KokkoInheritance of epigenetic information via small RNA moleculesIMB
Colgan/Wolf/KokkoGene regulation and evolution of dormant states in beesJGU
Xu/SiliesEvolution and genetic regulation of fecundity in the Colorado Potato BeetleJGU
Kokko/KeaneyGeometric epigenetic adaptationJGU
Huylmans/Keller Valsecchi/FoitzikSex- and caste determination during termite developmentJGU
Wolf/Andrade/FoitzikMechanistic insights into the evolution of circadian gene regulationJGU
May-Simera/Colgan/Barau/FoitzikCo-option of cilia proteins in gene regulationJGU
Keller Valsecchi/HuylmansEpigenetics and sex chromosomes through the lens of evolutionIMB
Huber/KettingThe role of small RNAs in transgenerational plasticity of a clonal plantJGU
Foitzik/Baumann/Gerber/KokkoThe role of epigenetic mechanisms in the regulation of division of labor in the ant Temnothorax longispinosusJGU
Foitzik/Baumann/BarauMolecular manipulation of host phenotype via regulatory interferenceJGU
Baumann/Huber/XuEpimutation rates in an asexually reproducing lizardJGU
Burger/Barau/KettingIdentifying recent episodes of adaptation in humans by genome and epigenome editingJGU
Barau/KettingEpigenetics and the evolution of germ-soma separationIMB


Mainz, Germany


Applicants should have a Master’s degree in molecular biology or a related field. Candidates should demonstrate enthusiasm, creativity, and ambition in the life sciences.

Job Description

As a PhD student in the GenEvo programme, you will:

  • Conduct research in one of over 50 labs participating in the programme.
  • Engage in projects under themes such as Gene Regulation, Epigenetics, and Genome Stability.
  • Gain hands-on experience with advanced techniques including CRISPR/Cas genome editing, next-generation sequencing (NGS), gene network modelling, mass spectrometry, and super-resolution microscopy.
  • Participate in scientific and social events within the International PhD Programme (IPP) community.
  • Collaborate with top scientists and receive training in cutting-edge research methodologies.

How to Apply

  1. Registration:
    • Provide contact details and nominate at least 2 senior scientist referees.
    • Referees will receive a link to submit reference letters.
    • Ensure referees provide references promptly as applications require at least 2 reference letters.
  2. Application Form:
    • Complete the online application form in English after registration.
    • Submit all requested information and documents.
  3. Interviews:
    • Selected candidates will be invited for interview days in September 2024.
    • Interviews include presentations and meetings with group leaders.
    • Interview days include social activities and a farewell party with current GenEvo students.

Last Date for Apply- 15 July 2024

Applications are accepted continuously until positions are filled. Early application is encouraged.



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