Fully Funded PhD Positions in Molecular Biology at GenEvo, Mainz, Germany

Postdoc in Germany

PhD Positions in Molecular Biology: GenEvo, a collaborative research network based at the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) and the Faculty of Biology of Mainz University, is offering 14 fully funded PhD positions. These positions are part of an interdisciplinary research initiative focused on understanding the evolution of complex gene regulatory systems. Successful candidates will engage in cutting-edge research, receive comprehensive training, and have the opportunity to work with leading scientists in a vibrant academic environment. Applications are due by 15 July 2024.

Fully Funded PhD Positions in Molecular and Evolutionary Biology at GenEvo, Mainz

Summary Table:

Research AreaMolecular and Evolutionary Biology
LocationMainz, Germany
EligibilityBSc and MSc degrees in relevant fields; strong interest in molecular and evolutionary biology
Job DescriptionConduct research on gene regulatory systems evolution; collaborate with scientists at IMB and Faculty of Biology of Mainz University
How to ApplyComplete online registration and application form; submit required documents and reference letters; participate in interview days if shortlisted
Last Date to Apply15 July 2024

Designation: PhD Student in Molecular and Evolutionary Biology

Research Area: Epigenetics, Evolution, RNA Biology, Ageing, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Ecology, Behaviour, Paleogenomics, Speciation, Structural Biology

Group LeaderTopicInstitution
Ketting/KokkoInheritance of epigenetic information via small RNA moleculesIMB
Colgan/Wolf/KokkoGene regulation and evolution of dormant states in beesJGU
Xu/SiliesEvolution and genetic regulation of fecundity in the Colorado Potato BeetleJGU
Kokko/KeaneyGeometric epigenetic adaptationJGU
Huylmans/Keller Valsecchi/FoitzikSex- and caste determination during termite developmentJGU
Wolf/Andrade/FoitzikMechanistic insights into the evolution of circadian gene regulationJGU
May-Simera/Colgan/Barau/FoitzikCo-option of cilia proteins in gene regulationJGU
Keller Valsecchi/HuylmansEpigenetics and sex chromosomes through the lens of evolutionIMB
Huber/KettingThe role of small RNAs in transgenerational plasticity of a clonal plantJGU
Foitzik/Baumann/Gerber/KokkoThe role of epigenetic mechanisms in the regulation of division of labor in the ant Temnothorax longispinosusJGU
Foitzik/Baumann/BarauMolecular manipulation of host phenotype via regulatory interferenceJGU
Baumann/Huber/XuEpimutation rates in an asexually reproducing lizardJGU
Burger/Barau/KettingIdentifying recent episodes of adaptation in humans by genome and epigenome editingJGU
Barau/KettingEpigenetics and the evolution of germ-soma separationIMB

Location: Mainz, Germany


  • BSc and MSc degrees in relevant fields
  • Demonstrated interest in molecular and evolutionary biology
  • Research experience and publications (if applicable)
  • Strong motivation and scientific goals related to GenEvo‚Äôs research themes

Job Description:

  • Conduct research on the evolution of complex gene regulatory systems
  • Work collaboratively with research groups at IMB and Faculty of Biology of Mainz University
  • Participate in interdisciplinary projects across various themes such as epigenetics, RNA biology, computational biology, and more
  • Engage in training and development activities to enhance research skills and knowledge

How to Apply:

  1. Online Registration:
    • Register online and provide contact details along with at least two referees (senior scientists/professors)
    • Referees will receive a personalised link to submit their reference letters confidentially
    • Ensure reference letters are submitted in time
  2. Online Application Form:
    • After registration, receive a personalised link to the application form via email
    • Complete the application form in English, providing details of degrees, research experience, and other relevant information
    • Upload required documents in PDF format:
      • Curriculum vitae
      • University certificates and transcripts
      • English language test certificate (if available)
      • High school certificate (if available)
    • Indicate up to 5 preferred research groups and provide a motivational statement (max 300 words)
  3. Interview Days:
    • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to Mainz for interviews from 09-10 September 2024
    • GenEvo will cover accommodation and travel costs
    • The programme start date is 1 January 2025

Last Date for Apply: 15 July 2024

For detailed guidelines and to begin your application, visit the GenEvo application portal. Ensure all steps are completed by the deadline to be considered for this exciting opportunity.



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