PhD Scholar: Digital Chemistry/Catalysis: University of Queensland (UQ), Australia

PhD International scholarship at University of Queensland, Australia

PhD Scholar: Digital Chemistry/Catalysis: The University of Queensland (UQ) invites applications for a multidisciplinary PhD project on “Digital Chemistry and Catalysis.” This groundbreaking research, led by ARC Laureate Fellow Professor Matt Trau, focuses on molecular manufacturing via digital catalysis. The project aims to revolutionize chemical synthesis, addressing challenges associated with conventional batch synthesis methods. Passionate and motivated PhD scholars are sought to join the interdisciplinary team and contribute to the transformative potential of this technology.

Digital Chemistry and Catalysis: Redefining Reactions in Confined Systems

Designation: PhD Scholar

Research Area: Chemical Sciences – Digital Chemistry and Catalysis

Location: St Lucia, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN), UQ


  • Candidates with a background in medical/life sciences, chemistry, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, and related disciplines
  • Strong academic record, publication history, honors, awards, and relevant employment experience
  • Working knowledge of microfabrication processes and CFD simulation software(s)
  • Background or knowledge of fluid flow dynamics is highly desirable

Job Description: The selected PhD scholars will work within the AIBN, leveraging UQ’s world-class research environment. The project involves interdisciplinary components such as physical chemistry, nanoscience, colloid and interface science, biomolecular chemistry, epigenetics, fluid dynamic modeling, and the utilization of artificial intelligence algorithms. Scholars will have the opportunity to acquire skills in nano-fabrication, computer simulation, physical chemistry, and molecular biology.

Scholarship: This is an Earmarked scholarship project aligned with an Australian Government grant. The scholarship includes:

  • Living stipend of $33,641 per annum (tax-free)
  • Coverage of tuition fees
  • Single overseas student health cover (OSHC)

Supervisor: Principal Supervisor – Professor Matt Trau, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

How to Apply:

  • Contact Professor Matt Trau ( to discuss interest and suitability
  • Apply for the PhD program, indicating your interest in the UQ Earmarked Scholarship
  • The application deadline for Research Quarter 4, 2024, is recommended no later than March 31, 2024.


Disclaimer: This job post is sourced from a reliable outlet. For further details and confirmation, please refer to the official site of the University of Queensland.


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