Postdoctoral Fellow on Biological Data Sciences, IRB Barcelona, Spain

Postdoc in Spain

Postdoctoral Fellow on Biological Data: Join IRB Barcelona, a Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence, in conducting cutting-edge research in biomedicine and contributing to the advancement of science and technology.

Postdoctoral Fellow on Biological Data Sciences (ref. PD/24/04)

Designation: Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Area: Biological Data Sciences

Location: Barcelona, Spain


  • Education: Engineering degree in Computer, Data Sciences, or a bachelor in Biosciences. PhD in bioinformatics, data sciences, machine learning, or related areas.
  • Experience: Previous experience on the use of machine learning and data science techniques. Strong publication record according to his/her career stage.
  • Skills: Excellent programming and scripting skills, with deep knowledge of Python. Excellent knowledge of machine learning packages (Scikit, Keras, Pytorch, etc). Competent in the use of HPC systems, virtual machines (OpenNebula), and Grid Containers (Docker, Singularity). Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Highly motivated. Fluency in English.
  • Desirable: Previous experience working with knowledge graphs (KG) and embedding techniques, as well as with biological data and in an international environment. Knowledge of AI-based generative models (e.g., VAEs, GANs, Diffusion models, etc).

Job Description:

  • The successful candidate will work in a very collaborative environment, responsible for the integration of all the generated data into the embeddings space of the Chemical Checker and the Bioteque as well as the development of the new signatures to define the perturbed modules.
  • Additionally, responsible for developing the comparative methods to link the effects of viral-perturbations to the signatures of non-communicable common diseases.
  • Adapt the generative-AI models available in the group to identify or design new chemical compounds with the capacity to stop the progression from RSV-induced cellular perturbations to the onset of related non-communicable diseases.

How to Apply & Selection Process:

Deadline for applications: 26/04/2024 (If no suitable candidate is found, the deadline will be extended)

Number of positions available: 1

Selection process:

  • Pre-selection: Will be based on CV, motivation letter & experience.
  • Interviews: Short-listed candidates will be interviewed.
  • Job offer: Will be sent to the successful candidate after the interview.



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