Postdoctoral Researcher in Materials Science, Linköping University, Sweden

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Postdoctoral Researcher in Materials Science: Linköping University is seeking a passionate and innovative Postdoctoral Researcher in Materials Science to join our Division of Nanostructured Materials. This role involves groundbreaking experimental research in electrochemistry, particularly focusing on electrocatalytic oxygen reactions and CO2 conversion. We invite motivated individuals to contribute to sustainable technology development through innovative catalyst design and characterization.


Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Area:

  • Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reactions
  • CO2 Conversion
  • Multicomponent Thin Films
  • Mesoporous Transition Metal Oxides


Division of Nanostructured Materials, Linköping University, Sweden


  • A doctoral degree in electrochemistry, materials science, chemistry, physics, or a related field, awarded by the time of employment decision.
  • Preferably, the doctoral degree should not be older than three years at the application deadline unless special circumstances exist.
  • Documented experimental experience in electrocatalysis is a strong merit.
  • Experience in the synthesis and characterization of thin films or mesoporous materials.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.
  • Creative, self-motivated, and excellent at problem-solving.
  • Team player with the ability to thrive in a collaborative research environment.

Job Description:

  • Conduct experimental research focusing on electrocatalytic oxygen reactions and CO2 conversion.
  • Design and utilize experimental cells for in situ studies of catalytic reactions through FTIR, Raman spectroscopy, x-ray spectroscopy, and electrocatalytic evaluation.
  • Potential involvement in the synthesis and characterization of catalysts.
  • Collaborate closely with doctoral, master’s students, and a team of researchers from global academia and industrial companies.
  • Teaching responsibilities may be up to 20% of working hours.

How to Apply:

To apply, click the “Apply” button on the job posting page. Ensure your application includes:

  • A comprehensive CV
  • Cover letter
  • Selected research publications (electronically in pdf or word format)
  • Research publications that cannot be sent electronically should be mailed in three sets to:
  University Registrar,
  Linköping University,
  S-581 83 Linköping, Sweden

Printed publications should be received by the application deadline and will not be returned as they are archived at Linköping University.

Last Date:

Your application and accompanying documents must be received no later than 19 August 2024.

Join us at Linköping University, where we advance technology for a sustainable future through courage, innovation, and collaboration!

For more information about the position and the workplace, visit here or contact Associate Professor Emma Björk at or +46 (0) 13-28 25 43.



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