9 FLIGHT Fellowship Program (MSCA-COFUND Action), ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona, Spain

Postdoctoral Position in ICFO
9 FLIGHT Fellowship Program: ICFO is offering up to 9 PhD fellowship positions as part of the FLIGHT program, a MSCA-COFUND doctoral initiative focusing on intersectoral research training in collaboration with industrial or clinical partners. These positions provide a unique opportunity for well-qualified graduate students to pursue a doctoral degree across various research topics at ICFO.

Up to 9 PhD Positions Available within the FLIGHT Fellowship Program (MSCA-COFUND Action)


PhD Fellowship Positions

Research Area

Intersectoral Research Training in collaboration with Industrial or Clinical Partners.


ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona, Spain


  • Must hold an internationally-recognized Master-equivalent degree in mathematics, science, engineering, or medical sciences related to ICFO research activities.
  • The degree must be completed by the start of the PhD program.
  • Must comply with MSCA mobility requirements (not have resided or carried out their main activity in Spain for more than 12 months in the last 3 years).
  • Excellent academic record and previous research experience.
  • High working knowledge of English.
  • Must not have already been awarded a PhD.
  • Previous ICFO doctoral program applicants can apply if they demonstrate substantial changes in their candidacy.

Job Description

Selected Fellows will have the opportunity to choose from three PhD tracks:

  1. Clinical Track: Collaborate with clinical partners on projects like “Transcranial, cot-side neuromonitoring for personalizing pediatric management” or “Quantitative evaluation of endothelial and microvascular function at the critical care.”
  2. Industrial Track: Collaborate with industrial partners on projects such as “Evolving QRNGs: higher rates from weaker assumptions” or “Development of Applications and Devices Based on Photonic Integrated Circuits.”
  3. Enhanced Track: Work with one of ICFO’s 26 research groups on a variety of theoretical and experimental research lines including Atto-Science, Photovoltaics, Quantum Optics, Medical Optics, and more.

Fellows in the Clinical and Industrial tracks will spend 6-18 months at the respective partner organizations. The program offers extensive training and teaching opportunities, leveraging local universities and ICFO’s network of excellence.

How to Apply

Suitable candidates are requested to submit the following materials online (in English):

  • Cover Letter addressing research interests and motivation, indicating specific projects and research groups of interest.
  • Curriculum Vitae including contact details.
  • Scanned copies of complete official academic transcripts and degree certificates.
  • European Diploma supplement for degrees issued within the EHEA or equivalent documentation for degrees issued outside the EHEA.
  • Optional standardized test results (e.g., GRE, TOEFL).
  • Contact details of 2 referees who will submit letters of support.
  • Optional statement of extenuating circumstances (e.g., career interruptions).

Applications and reference letters must be complete and submitted by the specified deadline.

Last Date to Apply

  • Application Deadline: September 26, 2024
  • Reference Letters Deadline: September 30, 2024

For complete information about the PhD admissions process at ICFO, please visit ICFO PhD Program.


For further details, please contact ICFO Human Resources and Education at jobs@icfo.eu.




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