Top 10 Best Websites for Online Education – Tips for Lockdown Condition

Top 10 Best Websites for Online Education – Tips for Lockdown Condition

Top 10 Best Websites for Online Education – Tips for Lockdown Condition

In this article we are going to talk about top 10 Best Websites for Online Education. if you are looking for a new career or existing career

Hi researchers, we hope you all are taking care of yourself and your family well. This is a tough time for all and just do in this situation is that do nothing more for it and stay at home, maintain social distancing. And if possible, educate others by taking care of yourself first.

Always remember, learning is never going in vain. As a researcher, always keep the habit of learning something and from your knowledge, educating others.

As we all follow to stay at home in this pandemic Corona threat and our researchers are some lucky who can still improve our productivity in this situation well. In learning, there are many things, like your domain area study, language study, writing skill, a hobby – photography, music, cooking.

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We are trying to give some useful information from our side and trying to update you regarding research opportunity information. Although now available opportunities are less worldwide, so it is the best time to improve our loopholes to stand after these all in a significant way.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 Best Websites for Online Education. If you are looking for a new career or you want to switch your existing career with a better job and opportunity options, then this article will help you.

We shortlisted top 10 online course

  1. Udacity – Udacity provides a ton of different online programs that you can go through, and they cover any kind of programs like intelligence, programming software, engineering type of stuff. They provide all of that under the one website. So you can start with the initial and then you can jump to a high level. They also offer degree programs for beginners, so if you enroll in any program. They have different specialization based on your experience level, or if you are just in the initial stage, then you can pick up their primary plan, and after that, you can jump into the advanced program later.  

Many courses are freely available there. Also, many studies are paid if you are thinking about getting into their degree program. Then you have to pay them, and they usually take some months or years to finish the degree. But if you are doing the required courses, then it’s going to be free. So you know if you want to learn the introductory courses, then it’s going to be free of cost on udacity.

2. Alison The next course program platform is Alison. Alison is a great online platform for beginners. Many categories are available in this platform, like- IT, language, science, health, humanities, business, math, marketing, lifestyles, and others. So if you are learning and you want to know about online activities, web development, graphic designing, different programming languages, then you can come here on Alison. They also have projects and online courses based on math, humanities, health, science, and other things like that. You can also learn about marketing.


Also, if you want to market your own business or you want to start your own business online, then you can get a free course from Allison. They provide certificates when you finish their online program.  

3. Skillshare- The next in line online course platform is skillshare. Skillshare has some excellent courses based on designing, illustrations, business, technology, photo, entrepreneurship, and writing. You can browse their categories. This is one of the best websites for you if you want to learn online, then you can go ahead and enroll in many courses for free.


They charge you a subscription fee for a paid course, which is I think it’s going to be some dollars. But some of their classes are free, so you don’t have to pay for anything, and you can still enroll. You can also get a certification as valid proof from Skillshare.

4. Coursera Coursera provides many categories, of course, and the biggest thing that they give degrees and certificates. Coursera gives you a degree if you want to do the masters or you want to do the bachelor’s degree. It’s cheaper if you do with them, and it’s online, so you don’t have to go anything or anywhere physically. You can ever do everything from the comfort of your own house. They have some free courses based on business computer science, health, math, and logic, personal development.

Maybe you want to learn about other than core studies like photography and things like that so that also covers in Coursera. They have some free programming classes, career grooming kind of program. As well that you can learn if you want to jump into a programming field or skill development field. And if you’re going to deal with the degree, you can do that as well, and they are also affiliated with the top universities in the US, so most of their degree programs are affiliated with prominent universities in the US.


5. EdX- Let’s talk about EdX, EdX provides programs and degrees just like Coursera. They have courses in almost every category like they have law, music, medicine, maths, food and nutrition, computer science. You can see the options that there’s a lot of options, and if you click on their view, all courses you will see a lot of free options right here. You can filter these courses, and they give you a certificate, and some of their classes have a degree as well.


So you can see their upcoming courses, their self-paced courses, and everything that you want to learn about, and most of their classes are verified. You can see the number of students that are enrolled in this specific course, and you can talk to other students. You can communicate with them.

6. Lynda Online study platform like these that the next is Lynda. They have the most significant online courses in the entire world, and they have one of the best-selling categories, which is software development, designing, business, web development, and photography. Their most popular courses are in software development and web development. Still, if you want to become a designer, a business entrepreneur, or you want to learn about photography, you can join Lynda. Most of their courses are free, and some of their classes are paid. The big thing about this specific website is that you can contact the course teacher and you can ask them questions. If you get stuck in any project, then they will be able to help you.


7. Open Culture- The next online study platform is an open culture. Open culture has more than 1,300 online free courses from three top universities. You have to go to the category that you want to learn so that you can see many options. If you’re going to learn about a thing, you can go through their courses. All the links to this website and the description will help you, and also you can go ahead and check it out. You can earn about many things, so anything you want to learn, and it will give you a boost in your resume. As well, if you do a lot of certifications and remember, people usually hire candidates that have more certifications and skills. You can boost and make your resume reliable. People hire such candidates.

open culture

8. TutsplusLet’s jump into the top one online and tutorial course platform, which is Tutsplus. Tutsplus is owned by Envato, which is an online company that sells templates, graphics, and any kind of kinds of stuff, and they also have Tutsplus, which is their platform where they provide free courses for the students. This website is primarily for programmers, web designers, illustrators, photographs, and things like that. If you want to learn about web development, designing, coding, music and audio illustrations, etc. then this is the best website for you. They have a monthly subscription plan, and they do have free courses as well.


9. YouTube- Let’s talk about one essential and famous online platform, and that is Youtube. Nobody can compete with YouTube when it comes to free video tutorials. You can just search here many education channels, by just typing the name on YouTube. And we all know well this online platform.

We also suggest you, if you have any skill by which you can give some information to others, please make some videos and educate others.

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10. Udemy– In our view, the number one online study platform is udemy, which is the top-notch online courses school. They give you certification whenever you finish a course. With them, they also give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you enroll in some specific method, if you’re learning any class and you don’t like the course, then you can just leave the period, and they will refund your money back to you. Now, if you go into the categories, there are many like business, financing, accounting, software, productivity, designing, marketing, lifestyle, photography, health, fitness, and others.

udemy 1

They have some great courses on personal development, and you can see the reviews of each student as well, then the reason this is on number one is that because of the reviews. Let’s say if I want to check this specific course or this particular course, I can see the ratings of this course, and you know I can see the feedback of every student, and I can collaborate with every person when I buy this course. Udemy also provides free courses. If you go on udemy you want to learn about web development they have like free courses on web development and if you’re going to buy something you have to pay some amount.


They have the best service customer support in the entire world, and you know if you don’t like the course, you can just cancel it, and they will refund your money right away. The biggest thing about this platform is that they also give you certificates whenever you finish your course. You are doing any certification, let’s say from Google, or you know you want to do Microsoft certification you can search for classes that you know gives you or prepare you for the exam for the certificate.

If you have any questions, be sure to comment below. We wish your good health and stay healthy in this situation.


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