6 golden tips for finding successful postdoctoral opportunities

6 golden tips for finding successful postdoctoral opportunities (1)

6 golden tips for finding successful postdoctoral opportunities

Postdoc position is very competitive to a researcher. Finding successful postdoctoral opportunities is dream of many researchers. From a postdoc, university and research group have high expectation.

To secure postdoc position, it mainly depends on your profile, alertness, awareness and continuous effort. Very good profile researchers are also struggling to get postdoc position and another side bit low profile researchers are also getting such position.

So, we have to understand that what are the approach to apply for finding successful postdoctoral opportunities , prepare and finally secure postdoc position. There are many question in your mind like how to approach, what are the eligibility and bla bla..

In this platform, we are continuously giving you information about research opportunity. Alert yourself, prepare yourself, passionate yourself for getting postdoc position. Postdoc is consider as highest educational degree in researcher’s life. A good postdoc position or even simple postdoc position and experience can boom your carrier in a good extant.

Here , we will discuss some useful tips to maximize your chance to get postdoc position. Also show your passion towards research position.

  • 1. Alert for position- This is the first thing, where you should carefully concentrate. Alert about related position and see which group and particular research professor is working in your related area. Most importantly, you should always look on relevant information.
6 golden tips for finding successful postdoctoral opportunities - researchersjob
  • 2. Take help from your supervisor and friends- Your PhD supervisor is first person,which can help you for getting such position. You can use his experience and connection for getting related position.
    Your senior colleague can also help you to get information in this direction. If you talk with them during PhD then they will know about what you want to do and direct you accordingly.
6 golden tips for finding successful postdoctoral opportunities - researchersjob
  • 3. Start building connection- This tip can maximize you chance to get postdoc position. During PhD, you are getting many chance to connect related people. When attending conference, seminar, workshop you will get chance to meet with national and international resource person. Try to connect them, you can ask their card or email id for future connection. Discuss research topic and questioner with them.
6 golden tips for finding successful postdoctoral opportunities - researchersjob
  • Keep in mind, don’t miss any golden opportunity to build connection. This can help you to find research position. you can also ask directly to resource person about related position and your high interest. You can get many information during such meeting.
    Participate in asking question on several research forum like researchgate and you can also built connection there.
  • 4. Read postdoctoral opportunities requirement carefully- This is very important to read carefully postdoc position requirement. This is important before apply any position that what they want as eligibility/qualification and other requirements like cover letter, proposal and references. Pay special attention to other formalities.
6 golden tips for finding successful postdoctoral opportunities - researchersjob
  • 5. Find a good funding- You know why to find a funding is required for postdoc position. When you apply for position then some research group can ask you about funding by saying that ” we are interested in you but you need to find a funding and join our group “. Now the question is how to find funding. For that you can ask directly to research group, institutional funding and alert for other funding.
    In this t also include, for getting funding you need related research group. So, to secure postdoc position find group and funding position is also important.
6 golden tips for finding successful postdoctoral opportunities - researchersjob
  • Mostly, research group is interested on you ten they have idea about local funding and applying procedure. They can help to get funding and join postdoctoral opportunities in their group.
  • 6. Prepare yourself- In this you need to prepare other requirements like cover letter, research proposal, CV, list of good publications, reference letters etc. Prepare with these essential need for applying. Improve your profile with good publication, since competition is very high in this area.
10 golden tips for a successful postdoc finding and application
  • Modify your documents according to research group, where you are applying.

Your research profile, other skills (soft skill and teaching skill), recommendation and network will maximize your chance to finding successful postdoctoral opportunities. So start to prepare yourself as a strong candidate for this position.

If you have any idea or query regarding finding postdoc position, you can comment on comment box.

Hope this article will help you..


  1. I am looking for postdoc positions in molecular biology or mitochondrial biology but not getting too much open positions. Also I have breaks in my career. How to go for this. Please advice.


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