PhD Position in Bone Implants, TU Delft, Delft, Netherlands

Postdoctoral Position - 2019 in Netherlands, Delft University of Technology

PhD Position in Bone Implants: The Biomaterials & Tissue Biomechanics section, focusing on advanced functional biomaterials and biofabrication methods, is offering a PhD position in the EU Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland project (Prosperos-II). The project centers on developing 3D printed personalized orthopedic implants and orthoses. The successful candidate will work on osteoimmunomodulatory constructs for optimizing bone regeneration, considering patient pathophysiological conditions.

Designation: PhD Researcher

Research Area: Biomaterials & Tissue Biomechanics

Location: TU Delft, Delft, Netherlands


  • MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials Science and Engineering, Medicine (Immunology), or related fields.
  • Strong background in cell and molecular biology of immune cells, cell culture techniques, and molecular assays.
  • Motivation to develop new methodologies for investigating interface biology.
  • Independence and a creative work attitude.
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary lab integrating biomaterial science, engineering, biointerfaces, and biofabrication.

Job Description:

PhD Position in Printed Multifunctional Bone Implants

  • Develop osteoimmunomodulatory constructs for bone regeneration in personalized orthopedic implants.
  • Determine strategies to incorporate osteoimmunomodulatory function using physical, mechanical, and/or biochemical cues.
  • Assess biomaterial-induced osteoimmunomodulatory effects and their impact on tissue formation.
  • Use mono- and co-culture models, assays, and imaging for biointerface analysis.

Conditions of Employment:

  • 4-year employment period (2 contracts).
  • Salary according to the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities.
  • Enrolled in the TU Delft Graduate School.
  • Customizable compensation package, health insurance discounts, and monthly work costs contribution.
  • Assistance provided for international applicants through the Coming to Delft Service.

Application Deadline: 15 December 2023

Disclaimer: This job post is based on information from a reliable source. Applicants are advised to verify details and check for updates or additional information on the official TU Delft website. For inquiries, contact the provided contacts or relevant program coordinators.



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