Post-doctoral Researcher in Molecular Materials, University of Nantes, CEISAM Laboratory, Nantes, France

Postdoc in France
Post-doctoral Researcher in Molecular Materials: The University of Nantes is seeking a highly motivated and skilled post-doctoral researcher to join the CEISAM Labor atory for a project focused on the development of advanced COF and MOF-based molecular materials for solar-driven photocatalytic reduction of CO2. This position offers a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge research that aims to utilize sunlight for sustainable energy production and chemical synthesis.

Post-doctoral Position for Development of COF and MOF Based Molecular Materials for Solar Driven Photocatalytic Carbon Dioxide Reduction


Post-doctoral Researcher

Research Area:

Organic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Material Science, Photocatalysis


University of Nantes, CEISAM Laboratory, Nantes, France


  • Education: PhD in Organic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Material Science, or a related field (Niveau 8 – Doctorat).
  • Experience: Previous experience with COFs, MOFs, or photocatalytic materials is highly desirable.
  • Skills:
  • Strong background in organic synthesis and coordination chemistry.
  • Proficiency in characterization techniques (X-ray diffraction, IR, BET, TEM, TGA, etc.).
  • Excellent communication skills in English (both written and oral); knowledge of French is a plus.
  • Curiosity and motivation to acquire knowledge in various multidisciplinary fields of chemistry.

Job Description:

  • Main Tasks:
  1. Functionalize molecular catalysts (e.g., phthalocyanines, porphyrins, polypyridine derivatives) with coordinating units (e.g., pyrazole) or reacting groups (e.g., aldehyde and amine).
  2. Synthesize COFs and MOFs from the prepared building blocks and characterize the resulting materials.
  3. Apply COFs and MOFs on electrodes and evaluate their catalytic performance towards CO2 reduction.
  4. Present research findings in progress meetings with the consortium.
  5. Write detailed reports, including bibliographic and experimental results.
  • Project Mission:
    Develop hybrid photoelectrochemical cells for CO2 reduction to methanol using solar energy and molecular catalysts made of abundant elements.
  • Work Environment:
    The project will be conducted in collaboration with IMN at Nantes University, LEM at University Paris, and LPICM at Ecole Polytechnique in Saclay, under the guidance of Dr. Fabrice Odobel’s group at the CEISAM laboratory.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should ensure their profile is updated and submit the following documents through the University’s application portal:

  • Detailed CV.
  • Cover letter explaining motivation and relevance of the candidate’s experience to the project.
  • Contact details for at least two references.
  • Any relevant publications or research work.

Last Date to Apply:

25 July 2024, 23:59:00 Paris time

This is a full-time position expected to commence on 2 September 2024. The contract is for 12 months, with a gross salary ranging from 3,021€ to 4,208€ per month, depending on experience. The candidate will be joining a dynamic team at the CEISAM laboratory, part of a larger interdisciplinary program aiming to push the frontiers of photocatalytic CO2 reduction.



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