Various Postdoc in Denmark, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Various Postdoc in Denmark, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Postdoc in Denmark, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Designation/Position- Postdoc in Denmark

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) invites application for Postdoc in Denmark from eligible and interested candidates

About- DTU is a technical university providing internationally leading research, education, innovation and scientific advice. Our staff of 6,000 advance science and technology to create innovative solutions that meet the demands of society, and our 11,200 students are being educated to address the technological challenges of the future. DTU is an independent university collaborating globally with business, industry, government and public agencies. Postdoc in Denmark

Research/Job Area- Material science, electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, or related disciplines

Project Title – Development of Nanomaterial-based Biosensors

Location- Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Postdoc in Experimental Plankton EcologyDTU Aqua15 May 2022
Postdoc in Aerodynamic Rotor DesignDTU Wind Energy18 May 2022
Postdoc in Carbon Capture and Power-to-XDTU Chemical Eng.18 May 2022
Postdoc in Brain Connectivity MappingDTU Compute22 May 2022
Postdoc in Organic Chemistry and Homogeneous CatalysisDTU Chemistry23 May 2022
Postdoc in Immunoinformatic Methods for Prediction of T Cell Receptor SpecificityDTU Health Tech27 May 2022
Postdoc in Acoustic Metamaterials for Improved Sound RadiationDTU Fotonik28 May 2022
Postdoc in chromatin biology and cell-fate decisionsDTU Bioengineering30 May 2022
Postdoc in Bioinformatics and Data analysisDTU Bioengineering30 May 2022
Postdoc in Electron Microscopy to Understand Self-assembly of Soft Matter at the Molecular LevelDTU Nanolab31 May 2022
Postdoc in the Biological Roles of Protein Aggregate StabilityDTU Bioengineering31 May 2022
Postdoc in landscape scale greenhouse gas flux researchDTU Environment01 June 2022
Postdoc position for in situ investigations of catalysts for base-grown CNTs from CH4DTU Physics01 June 2022
Postdoc in Machine Learning for Signal ProcessingDTU Compute01 June 2022
Postdoc in Cellular ToxicologyDTU Food01 June 2022
Postdoc in Cellular ToxicologyDTU Food01 June 2022
Postdoc in Machine Learning Techniques for Communication over the Fiber-Optic ChannelDTU Fotonik01 June 2022
Postdoc position with a focus on data analysis and bioinformaticsCenter for Biosustainability01 June 2022
Postdoc in Atmosphere-Wave-Ocean Modeling for Offshore Wind EnergyDTU Wind Energy03 June 2022
Postdocs in Supercontinuum based Mid-Infrared Imaging or Quantum ImagingDTU Fotonik06 June 2022
Postdoc Fellowship in Multi-scale and Multi-physics Battery ModellingDTU Energy10 June 2022
Postdoc Fellowship in Microscopic Modeling of Na-ion batteries and Data-driven Electrolyte DesignDTU Energy10 June 2022
Postdoc in CO2 storage simulation with focus on salt-precipitationDTU Chemistry15 June 2022
Postdoc in Developing Molecular Diagnostic AssaysDTU Health Tech15 June 2022
Postdoc in Organometallic Catalysis for CO2 ValorizationDTU Chemistry23 June 2022
Postdoc – Functionalized Nanomaterials loaded CRISPR for Killing Targeted Pathogenic BacteriaDTU Health Tech01 July 2022

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