Various Postdoc Positions in EMPA, Swiss Federal Laboratories, Switzerland

Postdoc Position 2019 in EMPA Swiss Federal Laboratorie, Switzerland

Postdoc position in EMPA, Swiss Federal Laboratories, Switzerland

Designation/Position- Various Postdoc positions in EMPA

Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA), Switzerland, is offering a Postdoc positions in EMPA

About- Empa is the research institute for materials science and technology of the ETH Domain and conducts cutting-edge research to benefit industry and society’s well-being. Postdoc Positions in EMPA

Empa’s Laboratory Materials for Energy Conversion focuses on materials and device innovation for sustainable energy conversion and storage technologies. 

Location- Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA), Switzerland

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Postdoc in micro-shaping of ceramics100%Duebendorf12/01/2022
Postdoctoral position in the field of carbon-based quantum materials.100%Duebendorf11/19/2022
Scientist or PostDoc for prospective and systemic sustainability assessment of wood and wood-based components100%St. Gallen11/17/2022
Postdoc in data-driven control of building and district energy systems100%Duebendorf11/17/2022
Post doctoral researcher (100%)100%St. Gallen11/17/2022
open position: Postdoc on sustainable protein materials100%St. Gallen11/17/2022
30 month postdoc / scientist position on CH4 clumped isotope analysis by mid-IR laser spectroscopy100%Duebendorf11/16/2022
3 – 4 year postdoc / scientist position on N2O emissions and isotopic fingerprints from agricultural soils100%Duebendorf11/16/2022
Scientist or Postdoc position on sustainable electronic materials100%Duebendorf11/15/2022
Postdoc position on liquid electrolytes for high-voltage lithium-ion batteries100%Duebendorf11/15/2022
Scientist / Postdoctoral Researcher in the Field of Solid-State Electrochemistry and Ionic Transport100%Duebendorf14.11.2022
Postdoc position on high-temperature sodium-zinc chloride batteries100%Duebendorf11/10/2022
2-year Postdoc Position on Atmospheric Deposition of Tire Wear Particles100%Duebendorf03.11.2022
2-year postdoc position on application of data science to long time series of air quality data100%Duebendorf11/01/2022
Post-doctoral researcher (nano-multilayers, nano-joining technology)100%Duebendorf10/28/2022
24 month postdoc / scientist Mid-IR laser absorption spectroscopy for drone-based measurements of ship emissions100%Duebendorf10/12/2022
Postdoctoral researcher on competitive H2O-CO2 sorption in porous materials100%Duebendorf10/11/2022
Postdoc in the area of ​​X-ray diffraction and scattering100%Duebendorf06.10.2022
Scientist or PostDoc for environmental performance assessment100%St. Gallen09/30/2022
PostDoc or a Scientist for game development (60-80%)60% – 80%St. Gallen09/30/2022
Postdoctoral researcher in electron microscopy of catalytic systems (a)80% – 100%Duebendorf09/21/2022
Scientist or a PostDoc for the assessment of the safety and sustainability of advanced materials100%St. Gallen09/19/2022
Postdoc position on aging of lithium-ion batteries with silicon-graphite anodes100%Duebendorf08/11/2022
Postdoc or scientist position in electrocatalysis100%Duebendorf06/13/2022



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