Scientist Position in Blue Marble Recruitment Limited, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Designation/Position- Chemist Position

Company in Cambridgeshire are looking for a Scientist/ Chemist Position in Chemistry on Energy Storage Systems project. Chemistry PhD or alternatively can apply for this position.

Research/Job area– Chemistry or relevant field

Project Title- Energy Storage Systems

Location- Blue Marble Recruitment Limited, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire



  • Chemistry PhD or alternatively a degree and equivalent work experience gained in an industrial or academic environment.
  • Excellent ability in synthetic organic or organometallic chemistry.
  • Hands-on experience within one or more of the following areas:
  • Synthesis of functional materials for OLEDs, OPD, OTFT, OTEG, or battery applications;
  • Synthesis of organometallic or coordination compounds;
  • Surface chemistry and / or functionalization of nanoparticles.
  • Computer literacy is essential.


  • A good understanding of energy storage devices and electrochemistry would be a distinct advantage.
  • Knowledge of polymers and relevant analytical techniques would be useful.
  • Familiarity with Windows and Microsoft Office products and chemical drawing packages would be advantageous.

Job/Position Description– The successful candidate will develop the company’s next generation of energy storage and harvesting materials by designing and synthesising new functional materials. They will work within a multidisciplinary team to maximise the performance of novel materials and devices, and contribute to developing a deep understanding of the key structure – property relationships in energy storage materials and formulations.


  • Strong scientific contribution to the identification and development of materials for energy storage and harvesting applications.
  • Successful synthesis and characterisation of novel and existing small molecules, monomers and polymer systems.
  • Formulation of functional material inks and pastes for the practical evaluation of new materials in devices.
  • Establishment of the structure-property correlations in energy storage devices, leading to the identification of improved materials and device structures.
  • Contribution to the generation of Intellectual Property (IP) for the company.
  • Effective communication with all team members and the wider organisation to distribute results, discuss problems, and provide next-step recommendations to progress the project.
  • Contribution to generating understanding of the applications space, and to identifying key experts in the field. Contribution to Open Innovation projects as required.


  • Execution of simple and complex synthetic organic chemistry transformations on small to large scales, to a high standard of purity, with high-quality documentation.
  • Full analytical characterization of all materials prepared, and highlighting of anomalies in the results.
  • Contribution to the formulation of electrode material inks and pastes, including solvent screening and studies of the morphology and adhesion of dried electrode material deposits.
  • Contribution to the fabrication and electrical testing of energy storage devices, including the analysis and interpretation of device test data.
  • Proposal of novel materials and provision of recommendations to solve chemical synthetic issues.
  • Creative contribution to brainstorms, studies and project meeting discussions.
  • Accurate recording of all practical work to ensure that new Intellectual Property is appropriately documented. Contribution to the drafting of invention disclosures and patent drafts.
  • Initiation, delivery and documentation of high-quality studies and mini projects based on sound scientific hypotheses to achieve R&D targets.
  • Compilation of results in a timely and accurate manner, in the required format (for example written, verbal or formal presentation).
  • Effective communication with Synthetic Chemists, Analysts, Device Physicists, and Project Leaders.
  • Line management and training/coaching responsibilities as required.

Salary c£32-35k per annum, flexible for the right candidate.

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