Multiple PhD Student and Postdoc Positions, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Position at USA, Ozbolat Laboratory at Penn State

Multiple PhD Student and Postdoc: Join the Zhu’s Group at UNC Charlotte and embark on a journey of innovation in computational materials science. We have multiple openings for enthusiastic individuals to pursue their PhD or postdoc in this exciting field. If you are passionate about materials discovery, high-throughput screening, computational code/methodology development, and materials informatics, we encourage you to apply.

Designation: PhD Students and Postdocs

Research Area: Computational Materials Science

Location: University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA


  • PhD Students: Prospective students must be enrolled in UNC-Charlotte’s PhD program in Mechanical Engineering. For more information about the program and application process, visit here.

Job Description:

Multiple PhD Student and Postdoc Positions in Computational Materials Science

At UNC Charlotte, you will play a pivotal role in the Zhu’s Group and contribute to various ongoing projects, including:

Project AreaResponsibilities
New organic materials discovery via atomistic modelingConduct atomistic modeling and machine learning
High throughput screening of inorganic electridesPerform high-throughput screening experiments
Novel computational code/methodology developmentDevelop new computational methods
Materials informatics tool development and applicationCreate materials informatics tools and apply them

Throughout your PhD journey, you will gain expertise in programming and materials science, particularly in mechanical engineering applications.

How to Apply:

To express your interest, please follow these steps:

  1. Send an informal inquiry along with your CV and transcript to Prof. Qiang Zhu at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA.
  2. Email:
  3. Please use “Prospective PhD Student/Postdoc” as the subject line in your email.

Last Date for Apply: Rolling applications; apply at your earliest convenience.

Join us in exploring the frontiers of computational materials science and be a part of groundbreaking research at UNC Charlotte’s Zhu’s Group. We look forward to welcoming passionate and dedicated individuals to our team!


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