Open Postdoctoral Position – University of Alcalá, Spain

Postdoc in Spain

Open Postdoctoral Position: An exciting postdoctoral position is available for individuals interested in organometallic synthesis and characterization. This opportunity is part of the project “Functionalization of N; and CO..” (Ref: CNS2022-135509). The project focuses on advancing research in the field of organometallic chemistry with a specific focus on N; and CO functionalization.

Designation: Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Area: Organometallic Synthesis/Characterization

Location: University of Alcalá, Spain

Eligibility/Qualification: Candidates applying for this postdoctoral position should possess a proven background in organometallic synthesis and characterization. Research experience and expertise in this field are essential qualifications.

Job Description:

Open Postdoctoral Position – Organometallic Synthesis/Characterization

The postdoctoral researcher will be actively involved in the research project centered around the functionalization of N; and CO. The project, with reference CNS2022-135509, aims to advance the understanding and application of organometallic chemistry in this context. The selected candidate will contribute to ongoing research, conduct experiments, and participate in the characterization of organometallic compounds.

How to Apply: Interested candidates are required to submit a CV as part of the application process. Please send your CV to Alberto Hernán-Gómez.

Last Date for Apply: Until position is filled

Note: This job post lacks specific location information and an application deadline. Please refer to the provided contact for further details and to confirm application deadlines.

Summary Table:

DesignationPostdoctoral Researcher
Research AreaOrganometallic Synthesis/Characterization
LocationUniversity of Alcalá, Spain
Eligibility/QualificationProven background in organometallic synthesis/characterization
Job DescriptionResearch on functionalization of N; and CO
How to ApplySubmit CV to Alberto Hernán-Gómez
Last Date for ApplyUntil position filled


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