Indo-Finnish Joint Call by DBT, India association with Academy of Finland

Designation/Position- Indo-Finnish Joint Call

DBT, India association with Academy of Finland invites application for Indo-Finnish Joint Call from eligible and interested candidates

About- With this funding opportunity, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), India in association with Academy of Finland, Finland promotes internationalization of research environments between the countries and bring about international interaction of researchers thereby complementing their research activities. Funding can be applied for mobility to and from India. The mobility scheme promotes funding for excellent scientific research, which is expected to have high scientific and social impact. The research must be ethical, follow the principles of sustainable development and make its results, material and data openly accessible. Equality and nondiscrimination must also be considered.

Research Job/Area- Science/ Engineering

Location- DBT, India association with Academy of Finland


  • The applicant should be an Indian individual researcher, working post Ph.D in public-funded academic or research institutes of India in fellowship positions or graduate innovators /entrepreneurs working in fellowship positions in Indian public institutions towards creation of start-ups.
  • The Head of the laboratory may be the co-applicant. The applicant must have at least a higher academic degree, but preference is given to researchers with a doctoral degree.
  • Mobility applications cannot be submitted as a consortium application.

Job/Position Description- 

The earliest start date for the funding period is 1 February 2022. The usual funding period (period during which the funding may be used) is two years. Funding will be subject to the availability of the appropriate funds in the budget 2022 of the government. The personal grant duration is 15– 360 days within two years’ time period. The mobility funding is a research grant (appropriation), which will be via a site of research (usually a university or a research institute) herein India and the applicant must have an affiliation in Finland.

The funding is intended for researcher’s own or research group’s mobility costs (necessary travel and living costs). Funding does not cover insurances, so applicants and other visitors must take out appropriate insurances for the grant period.

How to Apply- 

The deadline is non-negotiable. The deadline for applications is 23 September 2021 at 2300 hrs IST. Make sure to submit the application in good time before the deadline. The system will only accept applications that contain all obligatory information. You can edit and supplement the application until the deadline. Post deadline, no entries or any supplementation to the application submitted will be entertained. You must make sure that your contact details (email address) are up to date.

An application will not be processed if the applicant or the application does not meet the competence requirements or other key requirements, or if the application otherwise does not qualify for processing.

Last Date for Apply– 23 September 2021

See Position Details-

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