Postdoctoral Position in Immunology, University of Leon, Spain

Postdoc in Spain

Postdoctoral Position in Immunology: We are looking for a motivated candidate to enjoy a three-year postdoctoral position at the Immunobiology laboratory of the University of Leon (Spain). The laboratory is led  by Dr. Rodriguez-Barbosa and Dr. del Rio. The project aims to study the role of LIGHT/HVEM/LTbR interactions and their implication in HEV formation and the recruitment of tumor-specific lymphocytes into cold tumors (B16.F10 melanoma tumor model).
Candidates will have the opportunity to gain deep insight into a great diversity of Immunology and Molecular Biology techniques and work with preclinical animal models of disease. The starting date would be the beginning of 2024.

Elegibility criteria:
•A completed PhD in the Immunology field.
•Demonstrated experience with preclinical murine models of disease (laboratory animal training certificate will be required).
•Demonstrated flow cytometry experience.
•At least two papers as first author in international recognized journals.
•Written and oral English is also a requirement.

Contact and further information:

If you are interested in this job offer, please send your CV, a letter of motivation and two letters of recommendation from your former Ph.D. supervisors and/or previous post-doctoral positions to or For further information: Immunobiology laboratory at ULE.


Prof. Dr. Maria-Luisa del Rio-Gonzalez, DVM PhD

Section of Immunobiology

Laboratory of Transplantation Immunology 

Research Institutes Building, Ground floor

Campus of Vegazana s/n

University of Leon, E-24007, Leon (Spain)


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