MIT Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for Engineering Excellence, USA

The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (SIFP) in USA

The MIT Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for Engineering Excellence, established in 2021, aims to discover and develop the next generation of leaders for a more diverse and inclusive culture. The program provides resources, opportunities, and a professional network for postdoctoral fellows.

Designation: Postdoctoral Fellows for Engineering Excellence

Research Area: Engineering Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Academic Development

Location: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Boston

Eligibility/Qualification: Who is eligible to apply:

  • Individuals within one year of completing their PhD.
  • Applicants who have the potential to contribute to higher education through understanding barriers facing underrepresented groups.
  • Applicants demonstrating significant academic achievement by overcoming economic, social, or educational disadvantages.

All applicants must have completed their PhD by the start of the program. The program encourages applicants from backgrounds underrepresented in science and engineering.

Job Description: Pursuing this postdoctoral position offers an opportunity to deepen training, develop research independence, and pivot research direction. The program includes three career paths: Academic, Engineering Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. It provides a platform for postdocs to engage in professional development opportunities and interactive lessons. The program also assists in finding suitable postdoctoral research advisors from over 350 faculty members within the School of Engineering.

How to Apply: For application details, click here.

Applicants should come prepared with project ideas for their tenure, identify leading researchers, and express interest in a specific career path. The fellowship application involves naming faculty members of interest within the School of Engineering who align with research direction.

By submitting an application, applicants consent to the program’s data processing policies. Further information can be found on the MIT staff department homepage.

Last Date for Apply: 11 December 2023

  • Online application opens: November 15, 2023 
  • Virtual info sessions: November 15, 2023 and December 11, 2023 
  • Application submission deadline: January 31, 2024 at 11:59 pm ET 
  • Interview status notification: Mid-February 2024 
  • Virtual interview: Late February 2024 
  • Notification of fellowship status: Mid-March 2024 
  • Intent to accept fellowship deadline: Early April 2024 
  • Fellowship start date: September 1, 2024


Table 1: Research Areas

AcademicEngineering LeadershipEntrepreneurship
Choosing research projectsOrganizational learningIdea protection and translation
Grant writing and networkingTeamwork experiencesIndividual purpose and mission scoping
Academic job searchesInterpersonal skillsTeam building
Crafting a job application packagePersonal developmentUnderstanding technology opportunities
Navigating bias in the job searchEthical decision-makingStrategies for fundraising

Table 2: Eligibility Criteria

EducationCompleted PhD by the start of the program
Contribution to Higher EducationUnderstanding barriers facing underrepresented groups
Academic AchievementOvercoming economic, social, or educational disadvantages

Table 3: Funding

Funding DetailsAmount
Stipend$75,000 per year
Discretionary Expense Allowance$10,000 per year
DurationTwo years



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