Various Research Fellow Position in Australia, University of Queensland

Designation/Position- Research Fellow Position in Australia

University of Queensland, Australia invites application for Research Fellow Position in Australia from eligible and interested candidates

About- The School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences (SCMB) combines the disciplines of Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Parasitology into a single academic unit. The School has modern research laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and research infrastructure. The School includes over 50 academic staff, who are widely published internationally and have extensive research backgrounds. Research Fellow Position in Australia

Location- University of Queensland, Australia

Postdoctoral Research FellowSt Lucia11 Jul 2021
A Postdoctoral Research Fellow (or equivalent) will focus their efforts on developing their expertise and emerging research profile in understanding the future of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) and how management interventions can improve its outlook requires modelling the ecosystem under climate change. An exciting opportunity exists to apply machine learning to modelling the future of Australia’s GBR. You will work as part of a collaborative team principally involving UQ, CSIRO, and AIMS. The main objective is to emulate a complex ecological simulation model and evaluate the efficacy of various options for restoration. You will partner closely with ecologists, physical scientists, and decision scientists in the development of decision-support tools for the GBR with the expectation of an increasing degree of autonomy over time.

Research/Job Area- Neuroscience, computer science, data science or relevant related fields.
Postdoctoral Research FellowSt Lucia28 Jul 2021
Postdoc sought to join Dr Nguyen’s lab, IMB in studying cellular responses to brain cancer drug treatment

Research/Job Area- Biostatistics and programming to analyse cancer genomics data, especially single cell and spatial transcriptomics
Postdoctoral Research FellowSt Lucia29 Jul 2021
A Postdoctoral Research Fellow is sought to undertake cutting edge computational approaches to understand the molecular underpinnings of cellular identity and ageing.

Research/Job Area- In a relevant discipline such as statistical genetics, computational bioinformatics, and/or extensive equivalent experience in a relevant field
Postdoctoral Research FellowSt Lucia04 Aug 2021
Investigate a hypothesized sleep function centred on optimising attention, by measuring prediction error signals in the brain.

Research/Job Area- Neuroscience, computer science, data science or relevant related fields
Postdoctoral Research FellowSt Lucia22 Jul 2021
Undertake musculoskeletal research with the aims of furthering understanding of disease pathogenesis.

Research/Job Area- Genomics or a related discipline
Postdoctoral Research FellowSt Lucia07 Jul 2021
Work on CRDC-UQ INVITA Research Projects with CI Professor Scott Chapman

Research/Job Area- In crop simulation and/or relevant experience
Postdoctoral Research FellowSt Lucia06 Jul 2021
This position will join the Protagonist Therapeutics team and be involved in its broad discovery efforts utilising their experience in Cell Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology or related discipline

Research/Job Area- In the relevant area of Cell Biology, Immunology, Molecular Biology or related discipline
Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Research Fellow in Quantitative Genetics for Plant Network BiologySt Lucia28 Jul 2021
Work within the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture.

Research/Job Area- In quantitative genetics for plant breeding or plant adaptation analysis
Postdoctoral Research FellowSt Lucia27 Jul 2021
Conduct research on the preparation and characterisation of new thermoelectric materials for efficient electricity

Research/Job Area- Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Physical Chemistry
Postdoctoral Research Fellow DecarbonisationSt Lucia09 Jul 2021
Contribute to a substantive research program run in partnership between The University of Queensland Business School and Princeton University on accelerating the decarbonisation of Australian industry and financial institutions towards a zero-carbon economy

Research/Job Area-  In the area of either strategic management, finance, organisational studies/science, management, organisational behaviour, environmental science/management, psychology, sociology, or a related discipline

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