Research Internships Funding for Universities, Colleges, Private Academic Institution Students

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Research Internship Funding for Universities, Colleges, Private Institutions

Designation/Position- ‘VRITIKA’Research Internship Funding

‘VRITIKA’, India invites application for Research Internship Funding from eligible and interested candidates

About- To groom students (primarily from Universities, Colleges, Private Academic Institutions, and newly established Institutes) in their scientific career pursuits by developing dedicated research skills in selected areas/disciplines/fields of Science and Engineering through research internships. This program would facilitate the young talent to choose a career path in Science and Technology.

‘VRITIKA’ is the call for initiation and practice in science through research internships. This program aims to provide opportunities to promising PG students from universities and colleges to get exposure and hands-on research experience. These internships will primarily be facilitated by organizations / institutions / laboratories of national importance such as IITs, IISc, IISERs, NITs, CSIR, ICAR, ICMR etc.

Research/Job Area- Science and Engineering

Location- India

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The scheme is meant to support regular PG level students who are having a strong orientation towards scientific and engineering research and are pursuing their degree from University / Institution within India (primarily from universities, colleges, private academic institutions) in the fields of Science and Engineering and having an interest in scientific research. However, the support will not be provided to the beneficiaries directly, but through the Event, Organizers applying for and coordinating these events on behalf of SERB.

  • Faculty of Scientists working in Central institutions of higher learning and research such as IITs, IISc, IISERs, NITs, and other institutions and laboratories of eminence like CSIR, ICAR, ICMR, etc. 
  • The proposals may be submitted to the established areas of Science and Engineering available in the Institute. However, SERB may also invite proposals for VRITIKA from the Institutes on a special call based on identified thrust areas. 
  • The application for VRITIKA should be applied through ONLINE mode at Accelerate Vigyan web-portal for consideration of SERB funding support. The proposal, if approved, the institute should invite well-formulated applications from the PG level students.
  • The Institute should devise a well-defined shortlisting criterion for the selection of candidates based on the basic eligibility criteria laid by SERB and as per formulated guidelines for the specific internship.
  • Institute should make sure that at the time of inviting applications for the internship, the applicants produce a letter of authentication from their Supervisor / Head of the Department / Head of the Institute indicating their association with the Institute and “No Objection Certificate (NOC)” for allowing their student to undergo an internship, if selected.
  • One supervisor can take a maximum of 5 (five) participants for an internship at a time. However, the Institute / University / Department / Division / Centre, as a whole, may accommodate as many interns as they can fulfilling the criteria of a maximum of 5 interns per Supervisor (Event Organizer).
  • The internship should be planned by the Event Organizers in generic break periods in Summer (May – July) and Winter (November – January), to encourage the participation from the potential research students.
  • The application may be submitted against the call for the proposals at Accelerate Vigyan web-portal generally in the month of May for the incoming winter season (November – January) and in the month of November for the summer season (May – July) next year. [However, the first call inviting the proposal for a winter workshop in December 2020 – January 2021 will be initiated on 1st July 2020 and will be closed by 31st August 2020]

Job/Position Description- 


  • The internship will be given for meeting daily necessary expenses such as stationery, consumables, accommodation, food, etc. and will not contain any stipend for them. The support amount will be Rs. 30000/- per intern for the whole internship period. However, in case of the need for an enhanced amount as projected by the Event Organizer, it could be given based on the recommendations of the Committee constituted for the purpose.
  • The interns will be eligible for TA reimbursement for their journey to the host institute from their hometown/home institute, both ways, as per GOI norms.


  • The period of the research internship shall be at least 4 weeks but not exceeding 2 months.
  • The supervisor to whom the interns are attached would be assigning them tasks/assignments, on which, the intern should work and prepare a report to be submitted.
  • A certificate regarding successful completion of the internship shall be issued to the intern by the supervisor and head of the concerned department on satisfactory completion of the internship and on submission of the assignment report.
  • Interns not completing the requisite period will not be issued any certificate.

How to Apply- 

  • The Event Organizer (Faculty / Scientist) should register at Accelerate Vigyan web-portal first and follow the instructions given in the web-portal for the successful submission of the proposal. 
  • The proposal can be submitted online mode only when the call for proposals is on.


Mandatory documents to be uploaded with the application

  • An endorsement letter duly signed and stamped by competent authority of the host institute.
  • A short summary of the planned research work for the intern(s).
  • Host institute account details.


(a) After Completion

After completion of the internship, the following documents need to be submitted online by the Supervisor / Event Organizer:

  • Copy of completion certificate issued to the intern(s)
  • Financial Papers (Statement of Expenditure and Utilization Certificate).

(b) Engagement

The interns would be attached to Faculty(ies) / Expert(s) / Scientist(s) of the institute for the entire period of internship. During this period, interns will be accountable to the Supervisors.

The Accelerate Vigyan end-user database should also be updated by the supervisor(s) / event organizer(s) after completion of the internship.

Last Date for Apply–  31 August 2020

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