Various Post-doctoral Positions in Italy, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Post-Doc position 2019 in Italy, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Various Post-doctoral Positions in Italy, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Designation/Position- Post-doctoral Positions in Italy

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy, invites applications for Post-doctoral Positions in Italy from eligible and interested candidates

About- Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) is a Foundation governed by Articles 14 et seq of the Italian Civil Code, established by Legislative Decree 269/03, converted by Law no. 326/2003 (Article 4 of the Statute), and financed by the State to conduct scientific research in the public interest, for technological development. IIT is under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Education, University and Research and is overseen by Corte dei Conti (national auditing body), by Law 259/58 (“Partecipazione della Corte dei conti al controllo sulla gestione finanziaria degli enti a cui lo Stato contribuisce in via ordinaria – Art. 12). Our aim, as stated in the Foundation Statute, is to promote excellence in basic and applied research and to promote the development of the national economy. Post-doctoral Positions in Italy

Location- Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy

Postdoc GENOVAPost doctoral position in Computational materials science 

Last Date for Apply–08/01/2023 – 2200002J

Postdoc LECCEPost-Docs for “Numerical modeling of heavily doped semiconductor plasmonics” 

Last Date for Apply–08/01/2023 – 220000A1

Postdoc GENOVA S. QUIRICOPost doctoral researcher in assistive robotics 

Last Date for Apply– 09/01/2023 – 22000072

Postdoc GENOVA S. QUIRICOPostdoctoral researcher, robot navigation in dynamic and human populated environments 

Last Date for Apply–09/01/2023 – 2200006F

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIPost Doc position in Medical Chemistry 

Last Date for Apply–15/01/2023 – 220000A0

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIOne Postdoctoral Position In “Human-Artificial System Interaction And Tools Development” 

Last Date for Apply–15/01/2023 – 2200006A

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLI2 Post-doctoral positions for studies on the effects of synthetic RNA on aggregation of neurodegenerative disease-associated proteins 

Last Date for Apply–15/01/2023 – 2200009X

Postdoc NAPOLIPost Doc in the area of microfabrication and microneedles 

Last Date for Apply–15/01/2023 – 2200009Z

Postdoc GENOVAPost-Doc in Deep Learning Systems for Disease Detection and Diagnosis in Medical Images 

Last Date for Apply–15/01/2023 – 220000A3

Postdoc ROMA SAPIENZAPOST DOC call in Quantum Computing 

Last Date for Apply–15/01/2023 – 2200009T

Postdoc TORINO ENVIPARKPostdoctoral position in “in-situ Transmission Electron Microscopy“ 

Last Date for Apply–15/01/2023 – 2100000S

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIPost-Doctoral position in scientific computing micro-kernels development for HPC architectures 

Last Date for Apply–15/01/2023 – 2200007Q

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoctoral position in circuit neuroscience 

Last Date for Apply–15/01/2023 – 2100005M

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLI2 Post Doc positions in Computational modeling of RNAs and RNA-targeted small molecules 

Last Date for Apply–20/01/2023 – 220000A8

Postdoc GENOVAPost doc position in the field of electrocatalysis 

Last Date for Apply–26/01/2023 – 2300000B

Postdoc GENOVAPost doc position in ultrafast photoinduced dynamics in complex materials 

Last Date for Apply–30/01/2023 – 23000002

Postdoc GENOVAPOST DOCTORAL position in Circuits and Neuromodulation of the Social Brain 

Last Date for Apply–31/01/2023 – 23000009

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIPost-doc position in Machine Learning and Computational Chemistry 

Last Date for Apply–31/01/2023 – 220000A4

Postdoc MILANO POLIMIPostdoctoral position in integrated meta-photonics 

Last Date for Apply–10/02/2023 – 2200009N

Postdoc MILANO POLIMIPostdoctoral position in deep learning for meta-photonics 

Last Date for Apply–10/02/2023 – 2200009P

Postdoc GENOVA ERZELLIOne post-doctoral position in “Molecolar biology of long non-coding RNAs” 

Last Date for Apply–15/02/2023 – 2300000A

Postdoc VENEZIAPostDoc on Computer Vision for Earth Observation (PERSEO) – 2200000W

Last Date for Apply– Till the position filled

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoc on Perception and Situational Awareness for mobile robots – 2200007U

Last Date for Apply– Till the position filled

Postdoc GENOVAPost doc position in development of devices and technologies for inclusion and engagement. – 2200006X

Last Date for Apply– Till the position filled

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoc on Robot learning and control – 2200007T

Last Date for Apply– Till the position filled

Postdoc GENOVA S. QUIRICOPostDoc in additive manufacturing for compliant robotics – 2200008A

Last Date for Apply– Till the position filled

Postdoc GENOVAPost-Doc in State Estimation and Mapping for Quadruped Robots – 2100006Z

Last Date for Apply– Till the position filled

Postdoc VENEZIAPostDoc on Machine Learning – 2200005X

Last Date for Apply– Till the position filled

Postdoc GENOVAPostdoctoral position in Advanced Teleoperation and Haptics – 2100006U

Last Date for Apply– Till the position filled

Postdoc VENEZIAPostDoc on Machine Learning – Knowledge Graph – 2200005O

Last Date for Apply– Till the position filled

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