The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (SIFP) in USA

The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (SIFP) in USA

The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program (SIFP) in USA

Designation/Position-  Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program

Smithsonian Institution, USA invites application for Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program from eligible and interested candidates

About- The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program offers opportunities for independent research or study related to Smithsonian collections, facilities, and/or research interests of the Institution and its staff. Fellowships are offered to graduate students, predoctoral students, and postdoctoral and senior investigators to conduct independent research and to utilize the resources of the Institution with members of the Smithsonian professional research staff serving as advisors and hosts. Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program

About- Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program

Research/Job Area- 

The Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Program offers fellowships for research and study in the following fields and encourages applications of an interdisciplinary nature:

  • Animal behavior, ecology, and environmental science, including an emphasis on the tropics
  • Anthropology, including archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, and physical anthropology
  • Astrophysics and astronomy
  • Earth sciences and paleobiology
  • Evolutionary & systematic biology
  • Folklife
  • History of science and technology
  • History of art, especially American, contemporary, African, and Asian art, twentieth-century American crafts, and decorative arts
  • Materials research
  • Molecular biology
  • Social and cultural history of the United States

Location- USA


Applicants are encouraged to propose to conduct research in-residence at the Smithsonian in one of its areas of research as outlined in the publication, Smithsonian Opportunities for Research and Study, for a period of three to twelve months, or ten weeks for the Graduate Student Fellowship. Past or current fellowship recipients are eligible to apply for another award.

Applicants whose native language is not English are expected to have the ability to write and converse fluently in English.

Determination of the fellowship category for which to apply should be based on the anticipated academic level at the time the fellowship would begin:

Graduate Student Fellowships: When they apply, students must be formally enrolled in a graduate program of study at a degree-granting institution. Before the appointment begins fellows must still be enrolled and must have completed at least one full-time semester or its equivalent, or have completed the graduate program within the past four months. Graduate Student Fellowships are usually intended for students who have not yet been advanced to candidacy if in a doctoral program.

Predoctoral Fellowships: Students enrolled in a university as candidates for the Ph.D. or equivalent are eligible for predoctoral fellowships. By the time the appointment begins, the university must approve the undertaking of dissertation research at the Smithsonian Institution and certify that requirements for the doctorate, other than the dissertation, have been met.

Postdoctoral Fellowships:  The doctorate degree must be completed by the time the fellowship begins.

Senior Fellowships:  Applicants must have held a Ph.D. or equivalent for at least 7 years.

Job/Position Description- 

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact staff members to help identify potential advisors, determine the feasibility of the proposed research being conducted at the Smithsonian Institution, and the availability of relevant resources such as staff, collections, archives, and library materials during the proposed tenure dates.

SENIOR FELLOWSHIPS -for scholars at least seven years beyond the Ph.D.

  • Term: 3 to 12 months
  • Stipend: $55,000 per year
  • Research Allowance: up to $4,000

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS – for scholars up to seven years beyond the Ph.D.

  • Term: 3 to 12 months**
  • Stipend: $55,000 per year
  • Research Allowance: up to $4,000\

** Postdoctoral applicants in Science may apply for up to 24 months.

PREDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS -for doctoral candidates to conduct dissertation research.

  • Term: 3 to 12 months
  • Stipend: $40,000 per year
  • Research Allowance: up to $4,000

TEN-WEEK GRADUATE STUDENT FELLOWSHIPS -for graduate students to conduct independent research usually before having been advanced to candidacy if in a Ph.D. program.

  • Term: 10 weeks
  • Stipend: $8,000

How to Apply- 

Eligible and interested candidate can apply online.

Application Materials (for upload):

  • Abstract
  • Research Proposal
  • Time Table
  • Budget and Justification
  • Bibliography
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Transcripts (unofficial are acceptable)
  • References – from two appropriate persons selected by you.

For Contact-

Last Date for Apply– 1 November 2020 11:59 PM EST 

See Position Details-

Official Website-

Click here to apply- 

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