Postdoc Researcher Recruitment at Seoul National University, South Korea

Young Scientist Training Program (YST) in APCTP, South Korea

Designation/Position- Postdoc Researcher Recruitment

Seoul National University, South Korea invites application for Postdoc Researcher Recruitment from eligible and interested candidates

About- Seoul National University is a national research university located in Seoul, South Korea. Founded in 1946, Seoul National University is considered to be the most prestigious university in the country. Postdoc Researcher Recruitment

Research/Job Area- Craft and Design

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Location-  South Korea


  • BK Professor: A person who has more than one year of experience in industry, education, or research after obtaining a domestic or overseas doctorate. There should be no reason for disqualification in the appointment of teachers at this school.
  • Postdoctoral Researcher: domestic or foreign doctoral degree holders.
  • Applicable to foreigners (non-Korean nationals)
  • Preferred to those who have SCOPUS, JCR-class papers, or international renowned exhibition and competition awards depending on the field of study

Job/Position Description- 

  • Recruitment areas: Design and craft major who can study future problems of human society, social practice, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the environment and health, to link them to education or express them in creation, and to link them to education.
  • Recruitment position: BK Professor or Postdoctoral fellow

Hiring period and working conditions:

  • Hiring (contract) period: 2020.12 to 2021.11 (workable for up to four years depending on performance)
  • Working conditions: 3,000,000won per month (including severance pay, 4 major insurance)
  • Double membership is not allowed during the recruitment period, but dual membership is allowed within authorized credits if a contract is signed with an outside university for a suburban lecture.


  • Research while working in a designated laboratory within the group
    • -6 credits per semester are allowed for lectures
  • Achieve at least 200 points in papers, writings, and creations within the appointment period.

How to Apply- 

Documents to be submitted

  • A.1 copy of the researcher application for open recruitment (Attachment No.1)
  • B.1 copy for each research piece
    • -Evaluate in accordance with Seoul National University’s BK21 Business Group’s contract system appointment regulations and implementation details.
    • -Research results published or finalized within three years of the month of the application deadline. (from 200 points to 400 points or less)
    • -The score of recognition of research results is calculated as 100% for independent research, 70% for joint research by two or more persons, 70% for first authors or corresponding author of joint research by three or more people, 50% for joint research by three or more people, and 30% for joint research by four or more people.
    • -A doctoral dissertation is also possible, considered 100% (Only if within three years of earning a doctorate)
    • -Writings/JCR registration papers are considered 200%.
    • -If you submit more than two performances, please indicate the priority of the review.
    • -For achievements that have not been published in the journal, please attach a certificate of publication issued by the person in charge of the publication of the journal.
    • -If preparation time is insufficient, the cover and author of the performance records can be submitted in the form of electronic documents, and after being selected as a candidate for appointment, but if it is not proven, the appointment can be canceled.
  • C.Each copy of the Degree certificates and academic transcripts (Undergraduate and graduate school)
  • D.Each copy of a career certificate (all experience listed)
    • -If preparation time is insufficient, it can be submitted after being selected as a candidate for appointment, but if it is not proven, the appointment can be canceled.
  • E.1 copy of self-introduction (major research achievements, awards, etc.)
  • F.1 copy of research plan (Attachment No.2)
    • -Please specify your plan for achieving a minimum of 200 points in relation to the above 〈4. Obligations-B〉.

Recruitment screening:

  • A.The examination will be conducted in accordance with Seoul National University’s BK21 Business Group’s contract system and professor appointment regulations.
    • -Stage 1 (Basic and Major Review): Review the candidates’ academic excellence and educational abilities, as well as whether their major matches the subject areas.
    • -Stage 2 (Interview Review): Review the following for candidates who have passed the basic and major screening.
  • B.If the applicant passes, we notify individually, and if there is no suitable candidate among the applicants, we may not hire.

For Contact- 

Reception and Inquiry

Last Date for Apply–  20 November 2020

See Position Details-

Official Website-

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